post update model 3 LR Dual Motor seems slower

post update model 3 LR Dual Motor seems slower

2019.32.12.2 58fb76
Installed the other day.
Today, went for lunch with some friends. Gave the pedal a mash, and noted that acceleration does not have near the instant torque it did before.

Anyone else noted this?

my state of charger is 70% for what its worth.

radean84 | 15 oktober 2019

You'll notice a difference depending on how many people are in the car. Are you comparing to how it feels when you're alone? Not sure how large your friends are, but if you have 500-600 lbs of flesh and bone in your car it's definitely going to slow it down a bit.

CST | 15 oktober 2019

Funny, m LR RWD feels faster - of course, I haven't been stomping the pedal for awhile, so maybe that is it.

lbowroom | 15 oktober 2019

Check to see if obstacle aware acceleration is on. Sometimes that will prevent a big torque start

andrew.knudskov | 15 oktober 2019

Hrm - good points fellas. Yes, there were more people in the car than normal. I'll be honest, i'm not really talking about the 0-60 time here, more the instant jolt of torque. I kind of doubt obstacle aware accell. was doing anything.

I will compare to a just-me romp of the throttle after work.

lbowroom | 15 oktober 2019

That's exactly what obstacle aware accel does

yavore | 19 november 2019

Hi guys,

1st post - 2019 Tesla 3 AWD non P here.

My previous 3 cars: 2008 Lexus ISF, 2017 VW Golf GTI, 2018 VW eGolf.
I have test driven extensively : Nissan Leaf 40kWh, BMW i3 94Ah, Renault Zoe R90 41 kWh.

I definitely noticed the same thing as the OP (less instant torque) after 2019.32 (was alone in the car).
After the latest update 2019.36 (was I waiting for it...) - it's even worse !!! There may well be 5 % power increase but I can't feel it at low speeds.
I find now my car very "toothless" the first 0.5-1 second after I mash the accelerator.
No punch in the back the first couple of centimeters when I press the accelerator.

I think they ''smoothed'' the car in a wrong way. It's hard to explain.
The closest analogy that comes to mind - it's like in airplane before taking off the ground - you know that it is quick but somehow it doesn't feel THAT quick, because it is so gradual.

It is like new chill mode. Less jerkiness. Smoother. And for me personally - boring.
BTW chill mode 0-100 km/h is about 7.2 sec if I remember correctly. Does it fill that fast ? Absolutely not.
Because it is so gradual.
The Zoe which is much slower car on paper (0-100 km/h in 13 sec !) felt quicker. Because of the 'punchlines'.
That's what sold me to electric cars. The instant torque. And how I miss it now !

gballant4570 | 19 november 2019

My LR AWD is quite the opposite after this update. Additional acceleration and torque is very noticeable. No need for measurement instruments to show a small difference - you feel it in your body.

jebinc | 19 november 2019


That, you do!

Joshan | 19 november 2019

Definitely and clearly quicker.

twistedskipper | 25 november 2019

My impression is that the initial pedal response has been softened, making it easier to drive more comfortably for my passengers' benefit when pulling away from a red light, etc. Does feel a little more "chill" than it used to on initial pedal from a stop.

But the overall performance feels better than ever, once I mash it.

gballant4570 | 25 november 2019

Mashing it..... messes with my wife's equilibrium. I cannot really mash it when she is in the car..... when I go get the mail (looooong driveway), I drive around "the loop". It's only about 16 miles.....and I mash it several times.....

LISpeedyG | 29 november 2019

Absolutely agree with OP. My 2019 M3 AWD DM is definitely not performing as snappier than before the recent update. I don't see any improved range either. I've tried all the suggestions above and still don't get the same "grin" when I "step on it".

I wonder if they will notice this reversal and fix it in future updates. Or, maybe, we need to wait for the great "Un-corking" of the front motor :-)