Vehicle behind in lane leaving lots of space

Vehicle behind in lane leaving lots of space

In a busy HOV lane during commute time in the Bay Area, I've noticed that often the vehicle behind me would let the distance between us grow from expected distance to a few blocks length. I'm curious if there's a reason why.

Are they afraid of the potential dash cam recording of them, the sudden braking of Auto pilot, the liability of rear ending an expensive car, or are they too busy texting to notice? Had anyone observed this?

reed_lewis | 17 oktober 2019

Probably texting. Where I drive on the Mass Pike every morning, you can always tell the idiots on their phones by the fact that they do not accelerate until 15 seconds after the traffic in front of them moves, and they are almost rear-ending the car in front of them every time.

I wish the Police would pull them over and write a ticket.