trailer hitch / bike rack

trailer hitch / bike rack

anyone have a recommendation for a Model S 'trailer hitch' just to hold a bike rack? I see it offered on the X; configured by Tesla, but see nothing for an S. Are there after market suppliers? I do not want a roof rack, have heavy ebikes. by the way Specialized 'turbo' bikes are great, and fun. clearly electric propulsion is THE 'way to go'!

GHammer | 17 oktober 2019
TMcC | 19 oktober 2019

I put that hitch on my car last year as I like the hitch-mounted bike rack as well (I am short and don't trust myself lifting a bike up over the car.) There were some early problems with galvanic reaction (steel to aluminum connection), but they added some vinyl washers as spacers to "help" to prevent this problem. I went a step farther and replaced the zinc coated nuts and washers provided with stainless steel. An ounce of prevention...

marcustcohn | 22 oktober 2019

I have seen a local model S with a bike rack and it looks very nice. Both Torklift and ETrailer carry hitches - they look very similar. I like the video from Torklift.