Flat tires with 20 inch wheels on model 3 performance.

Flat tires with 20 inch wheels on model 3 performance.

My wife drives her model 3 performance with 20 inch wheels into New York City everyday. She has gotten four flat tires so far from hitting potholes. Normally it takes Tesla about 1.5 hours to tow the car and then she ubers home. Not ideal. Tesla said that their cars weigh a lot due to the batteries so when she hits a pothole the ties can easily blow out. They suggested putting 18 inch wheels on the car and this would help a lot. But when I asked a tire store about it they thought it would be a minimal difference so not worth doing it. When she has gotten flats there are normally 2-3 other cars there with flats from the same pothole and they have been Honda accords etc not just cars with low profile tires. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

wdh777 | 17 oktober 2019

Appreciate your thoughts

lbowroom | 17 oktober 2019

Mostly stupid, unhelpful ones like. Move. Take a cab, Uber. Lobby your local lawmakers.... On a serious note, 18's will provide more protection. Will it be enough? Don't know.

dmanincali | 17 oktober 2019

The smaller sidewall does make the 20" tires more prone to pothole damage but that being said I've driven with them for the past year on awful CA roads and have yet to blow a tire due to hitting one. I've had one ruined tire but that was due to a nail in the tire so tire size wouldn't have made a difference in my case.

Maxxer | 17 oktober 2019

I ride 18 inches in Montreal, QC and have had no f’at Yet, 3 owners with 20 inches had 2-3 flats from potholes last winter.

Just came back from NYC, drove 3 days without paying attention to the potholes with my 18 inches and had non problem.

I highly suggest changing to 18 inches, they WILL make a difference.

Scrannel | 17 oktober 2019

There's an aftermarket 18" wheel+tire by Tsportline. You could always try runflats -- had them on my C6 vette and were OK.

Bighorn | 17 oktober 2019

18s and maintaining higher pressures will help, but some potholes will take out either. Sometimes you can get reimbursed by the city for damage.

johnmann | 17 oktober 2019

lbowroom - "Move. Take a cab, Uber. Lobby your local lawmakers...."

One more - try and avoid hitting potholes.

lilbean | 17 oktober 2019

+1 @johnmann and drive slower over them if possible.