Tire chains

Tire chains

I have had my model s all wheel drive for 5 years and have never had an issue of driving in snow. This winter I have to drive across some Washington passes and know that chains are sometimes required. Does anyone know if this applies to the Tesla? If I need chains has anyone had experience with chains on a Tesla?


lilbean | 27 oktober 2019

Yes, this applies to Tesla.

Bighorn | 27 oktober 2019

They are sold in the Tesla store. Look at the actual regulations--often times chains are required for commercial trucks, but cars are ok with snow tires and AWD. Early Tesla chains--you just install them on the rear--had the capacity to quickly destroy the aluminum rear suspension. Not sure if that was a design problem or user error. They've since started offering a costlier option. I'll throw my old ones in the back if I think I might encounter a checkpoint. Hope to never need them.

Addendum: Only Model 3 chains seem to be in the store currently. Not sure why the Model S isn't showing any, for me.

barrykmd | 27 oktober 2019

Bighorn | October 27, 2019
Not sure why the Model S isn't showing any, for me.

Because it's just a niche vehicle?
First the sunroof, now chains. What's next to go missing?

GHammer | 27 oktober 2019

There must be some importing issue, nobody in the US seems to sell them anymore. I was able to get them from Security Chain Corp. a few years ago but they no longer carry them either. Than can be purchased from the UK.

GHammer | 27 oktober 2019

Oh, and to add. I've never used them. I drive my AWD S & 3 over the Cascades to go skiing all the time on both Winter tires and All-Season tires.