Got Message "Blindspot Detection & Lane Departure" Limited

Got Message "Blindspot Detection & Lane Departure" Limited

So I'm driving to work this morning and the warning wasn't there when I started my drive but on my way to work I got a popup message of Blindspot Detection Limited and Lane Departure Avoidance Detection Limited....said if problem persists contact service. First I know this can happen if there is a lot of moisture however my car is parked in my garage all night. It wasn't raining out this morning at all. I did drive past an area where there were people kicking up some sort of dirt cutting the grass far away from the highway. I stopped and cleaned the side cameras on both sides just to see if that helped (it did not). I also reset by holding in the two buttons on the steering wheel. Nothing worked. Hoping by the time I leave work at 5 this problem is resolved. Anyone ever have this message and what was the cause of it?

M3phan | 1 november 2019

Had this yesterday, have had it a couple times, all while driving, all but one instance went away on its own while driving. Other instance went away after restarting car after being parked.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 november 2019

It happens on occasion, message goes away so I don't worry about it. Could be so many things, I still don't worry about it.

hokiegir1 | 1 november 2019

I had it a few mornings in a row, so I called, and they said to schedule service. Mobile came out to check it, and determined it was a combination of light angles in the morning, dew, and a dirty camera (we wash the car regularly, but there was still something there). He cleaned it, and I haven't had issues since -- so it may not be a single item but the combination of more than one that cause just the right amount of issues.

jebinc | 1 november 2019


I noticed condensation forming on the inside of the "B" pillar glass, in front of the lens. One would think that area would be sealed and filled with nitrogen gas to prevent this from happening. No seals, or do I just have a bad seal, that is the question....

tdwin2000 | 1 november 2019

Definitely not going to take the car in for service. I remember now that this happened to a coworker on his 2017 Model S a few months ago and by the end of the day it was gone. This is the first time I have had it happen so was just wondering if it's one of those things that happened to a lot of cars at the same time related to something software related (V 10).

jebinc | 1 november 2019


Yes, but while it's "drying out," NoA, AP, Blindspot monitoring and Lane departure avoidance either don't work, or are erratic. Not what you want when moving into, and pushing, and FSD agenda....

kevin_rf | 1 november 2019

You know, I hadn't made the fog connection. Had the same error this morning, was thinking strong sunlight after days of rain. Someone left the garage doors open overnight and the whole inside of the car was fogged up.

Really wish it was less generic and would tell us which cameras are having issues.

jebinc | 1 november 2019

To me, it appears to be the "B" pillar cameras mounted behind an uninsulated/unsealed piece of glass. Either bad seal, or piss poor design (for a supposed FSD car), @kevin_rf

jebinc | 1 november 2019

Interesting reply from the SC from another TMC member. Ironically, same SC I have an appointment with. Ah, yes, and on a forum (TMC) whose UI allows for photos and videos to be directly embedded...

cosmicwarrior | 1 november 2019

Same thing happened to me yesterday, my car is filthy though. For me I'm guessing I need to give my car a was because the camera's lenses are being obstructed.

tdwin2000 | 1 november 2019

I wasn't even thinking about the B pillar cameras. Forgot about them. I cleaned the ones behind the front wheelwells.

007bond | 1 november 2019

Had this a few times now that the weather is changing and I noticed condensation in the drivers piller camera I think that's the issue. Parked in sun and condensation is gone and so is the issue. Just not sure if there is a leak or this just happens.

jebinc | 1 november 2019

But it shouldn’t happen, 077 - especially given the purported FSD and robottaxi “coming soon” narrative.

andy | 1 november 2019

There are certain combinations of light that the cameras struggle with. Low sun was a problem for me until last Sunday when the clocks changed.

This morning I was very glad of autopilot in very wet conditions and was amazed at how well it was doing (with a lot of diligence and monitoring) and then, a couple of minutes before sunrise, and when passing an artic, I got the full shutdown and revert to manual. The car couldn’t go back to cruise or autopilot for another few minutes.

It was the change in light combined with spray. In the cutover from night providing high contrast, to daylight bringing it back again, the light was very flat and grey.

As a driver aid I do think autopilot is very, very good. It certainly helped me. Optical cameras do have limitations though and I’m pretty sure the manual talks about traffic and weather conditions.

mcmack15 | 1 november 2019

A while back the head of Uber (I think) said all this noise about self driving cars is missing the mark because he felt it was some 15 years away. I think challenges like what many of us have experienced in the colder climates recently with the morning dew and fog are perfect examples of why. Yes, a fancy cruise control set-up is probably on the near horizon, but full self driving cars.................don't expect to see it in my lifetime.

Back to the post-----after a few minutes of driving the warning noted above went away. Happened about 3 out of 4 days last week. Not at all this week (it has been milder).

andy | 1 november 2019

Yes, I had the warning a couple of times this evening. Much better weather conditions, but a trail of giveaway salt dust on the upper part of the windows suggest the pillars are likely to have a salt dusting too and a bit of moisture or light hitting it would have caused the camera a temporary problem.

I take the warning as the car doing its job and as a useful driver notification.

In dull light, when reversing, you can sometimes see that the rear camera is not fully clean. In strong contrast light you can’t tell. I carry water and a microfibre cloth in case I need it. UK weather will mean that the car will soon be driving daily on a lot of salt spray for a few months. My Leaf really struggled with those conditions and I got some expected braking (mostly addressed under warranty). The Model 3 deals with temporary obstruction of the cameras far more gracefully in my opinion.

I believe our (UK) law says you have to have full attention and control at all times. The manual states some limitations and those seem fair. I’m happy with the car the way it is in this respect and, after the very difficult conditions today, am even more happy with it.

Tronguy | 1 november 2019

Had that error message today. Cleaned the cameras, especially the ones on the sides. Fixed.
Yesterday and the day before had been driving a few hundred miles through rain/drizzle/slop kicked up by other cars. So, understandable.
Probably will see it more with snow and slush, I'm guessing.

gyozaman | 2 november 2019

I had the same warning message a few weeks ago. It started after I washed the car, and during sunny clear days. After 3 days of warnings, I rebooted the car and the warning hasn't come on again.

FISHEV | 2 november 2019

"I noticed condensation forming on the inside of the "B" pillar glass, in front of the lens. One would think that area would be sealed and filled with nitrogen gas to prevent this from happening. No seals, or do I just have a bad seal, that is the question...."@jebinc

That is your most likely culprit. I checked mine and just on the outside so I think some cars the seal is broke and the condensation blocks the pillar cam. I wiped outside this morning before starting out and no alarms on a wet Fall AM where I typically get the alarms for the first five minutes.

I'd take to service and have them fix it.

FISHEV | 2 november 2019

Several thread on other Tesla forums about it and the inside condensation seems to be it.

DutchieN | 3 november 2019

Got this message today again. Had it also a couple of months ago. Apparently it is because I live close to an airport so Tesla said. Back then the remotely reset it and told me to bring it to service when message reappears. Are you guys live or commute to an airport?

FISHEV | 3 november 2019

"Apparently it is because I live close to an airport so Tesla said."@DutchieN

That doesn't sound plausible. Why would the airport cause the Tesla cams to fail?

Techy James | 4 november 2019

I had that issue come up a few times, each time I used the Bug Report. Then I had the local SC pull logs for it, and they identified a camera that was faulty. They replaced the camera and I haven't had the issue reoccur. If your getting the error frequently. I recommend submitting a bug report when it occurs. That way they can pull logs and trace back the camera. Then again, I suspected a bad camera cause when I would review my Tesla Cam videos, I noticed one camera would tend to be partially or completely green image for the recordings. I haven't noticed the Green screen since the issue. They didn't tell me which camera they replaced other than it was a side repeater camera. I suspect since it was always from the left repeater I would see the issue partial or complete green image, that was also the camera they replaced.