Fuzzy regen

Fuzzy regen

Have 10,000 miles on the car
Been working flawlessly

Sunday my wife goes for a 200 miles drive, noted that the regen braking got weaker

I thought it was just the cold since temperature got around freezing here in Montreal. However it kept being really weak and yesterday temperature was around 70 and the regen bars stays in the 1/10 of the green bar even if the dot lines goes full solid line after 30 min drive. 1/10 You feel the regen going full blast like before and then it completely stops to work and the cars feels like it’s accelerating. Almost rear ended another car because of that. Now I always use the brake pedal for every stop and lights, the opposite of what I got used in the last 6 months.

Mobile unit coming Tuesday to look at it.

They texted me that it was normal due to colder temp and if high SOC, but still doing it at 50% SOC and 70F.

Iwantmy3 | 1 november 2019

Have you recently put winter tires on your car? If so, other people have seen this happen as well.

Maxxer | 1 november 2019

Exactly the problem

Thé thé

wayne | 1 november 2019

My winter tires (20” Michelin performance) do not do this!??? Why?

Bighorn | 1 november 2019

I think it had to do with siping being squirrelly

CST | 1 november 2019

I noticed that regen is less powerful lately as well.

FISHEV | 1 november 2019

"Have you recently put winter tires on your car?"

Tires should have nothing to do with how much regen kicks in. Only thing winter tires would do is have longer braking distance but that's measured as panic stop and not a just regen levels.

There have been lot of posts on all the Tesla forums (might get censored here) about latest updates and softer regen.

Maxxer | 1 november 2019

My wife noted the day before I installed the winter tires that the regen was weaker but she said it was weaker when she started to drive and improved as the battery got warmer.

But the last 7 days I drove it every day, in every condition possible and the regen is intermittent at high speed but works better at low speed.

There is 2 times I had to brake hard because the regen stopped suddenly after it had kicked in like I was used to in the last 6 months.

Will see what the tech guy finds Tuesday

Bill Korea | 1 november 2019

Ah, the holy-grail of consistent regen. Lots of improvements still needed in this area, across the industry.

Maxxer | 2 november 2019

Weird that it’s rubber dependant

Maxxer | 4 november 2019

Regen was better today near freezing point

I guess the rubber has to be cold hardened

Maxxer | 4 november 2019

Regen was better today near freezing point

I guess the rubber has to be cold hardened