which game controllers?

which game controllers?

which game controllers are compatible with the tesla model 3? thanks.

ElectricAlex | 1 november 2019

Having bought a few retro controllers that do mot work, I finally found an Xbox game controller (generic) on Amazon thatworks with all games tried so far.

It appears it was made compatible with Xbox.

SteveWin1 | 1 november 2019

Logitech F310 also works and is $19 on Amazon. It's laid out a little more like PlayStation, if you're more used to that.

rsingh05 | 1 november 2019

+1 for Logitech F310. Works well with cup head.

ODWms | 2 november 2019

I bought two of these on Amazon. Works great on all games. My only regret is that I didn’t get them in different colors so I could tell them apart at a glance.

M3phan | 2 november 2019

Walmart’s $14 Xbox 360 controller

WhiteWi | 2 november 2019

Only wired or wireless works too?

M3phan | 2 november 2019

Wired for sure. I haven’t read on other threads much success with wireless.

sound_designer | 4 november 2019

Xbox One controller hooked up to front USB. Tempest is a little wonky because the arcade machine used a rotation controller for movement.

numrich | 4 november 2019

I purchased first a classic nintendo controller, which half worked on some games not other For example on missal command I could only fire from two of the three ammunition sources. Then purchases the xbox one controller that proved to be an improvement, but I'll stop from saying all games are now playable.

For example, on the breakout game where you want to move the bottom paddle left and right - the movement is so quick and jerky the game in not at all playable. Has anyone had more success on this game?