I love my car...

I love my car...

I've had my LR RWD 3 since March 2019 and still love my car and still have the grin. I don't have any issues to report. What's wrong with me?

TeslaG | 2 november 2019

I dont have any issues either, but there is one thing Tesla needs to correct. Tesla is differentiate cancel AP and reverse (too smiliar)

Just the other day at a freeway interchange where two lanes merger into one (zipper) . i was on AP and we are crawling anywhere from 0-5 miles per hour (SoCal rush) and i canceled (moved stick up) AP in preparation for the zipper action and pressed the acceleration and for about half a second my mind could not grasp what was happening. It took another half second to realize i was going in reverse. It was a terrifying and weird feeling and fortunately, i didnt hit the person behind me. I was so embarrassed and felt really lucky nothing bad happened. In my 3 months of ownership, this is actually the second time this happened, but this time i was actually moved several feet backwards!!!

calvin940 | 2 november 2019


So you weren't paying attention and felt embarrassed. Ya, I see that.

WW_spb | 2 november 2019

Can't you abort AP by pressing break pedal?

M3oneLuv | 2 november 2019

I haven't encountered putting it accidentally in reverse. Btw, you can also hit the break to cancel AP.

M3phan | 2 november 2019

FYI: a half tap up will disengage AP. No need to fully engage the stock up like you do for reverse. Also 2 half taps down will engage AP, no need to fully engage the stock all the way down twice. So, no, Tesla didn’t make a mistake, The two moves are precisely differentiated.

gdepau | 2 november 2019

Nothing is wrong with you OP! I have been an owner since October 2018 and with every update my M3 gets better and better. What other car manufacturer has ever done that, NONE. Tesla is changing the paradigm on the auto industry so lets embrace that we are part of the revolution.

andy | 2 november 2019

Mine is brilliant too. There’s no other car that would let me do what I do with it on drive ability and cost.

This forum is helpful for sharing experiences and discussing ways in which it can be made even better in the future. Some of the features we use and love are in beta and Tesla are being very bold with what they are trying to achieve. Who else has a car in mass production and commonly available to so many people while it’s software is in development? I love the fact that they do this.

billtphotoman | 3 november 2019

I have had my LR RWD since 11:10 AM on September 19th 2018 and I am definitely still in love. I am generally very reluctant to spend more money than absolutely required on material items (but have no issue dropping $300 on a nice meal) but my model 3 has been totally worth the extra $30K (relative to something like a base Camry) for me.
The only issue I have had is the black plastic triangular trim pieces near the exterior mirrors coming loose but that has been taken care of.

ODWms | 3 november 2019

This is funny considering the many times I’ve actually tried to engage reverse and it wouldn’t happen until I pushed the stalk up a second time.

calvin940 | 3 november 2019


It's possible you have a stock defect if this is a consistent behaviour.

My blinker stock was a.problem with temporary lane change blink function vs blink until turn or cancel functionally so mobile tech replaced it and now works as expected .

SalisburySam | 3 november 2019

I guessing everyone mentioning a stock means a stalk?

tanner3068 | 3 november 2019

I’ve also accidentally engaged reverse doing the same thing. I realize it is totally a user error. I like the car except for one big thing, every time I drive it I kick myself for not buying it SOONER! :)

FISHEV | 3 november 2019

"It took another half second to realize i was going in reverse."

Totally did that the other day on I5. it was scary as you don't realize you've shifted into reverse vs. checking out of adaptive cruise. Driver in back was not close but she was honking with good reason. Crazy Tesla drivers.

gballant4570 | 3 november 2019

I also love my car. I recognize that buying a Tesla has moved my enjoyment of life several clicks upward. So has my placement of FISH on the ignore list.....

Nothing wrong with the OP at all.

jebinc | 3 november 2019

I love how with each update there is something “new” to explore.

MAB1980 | 3 november 2019

They don’t need to “fix” canceling AP; it’s fine. If anything they should just not allow one to select reverse while moving forward - I can not think of a scenario where that would be necessary. Maybe some anti-stick routine could cycle automatically, but manually?

calvin940 | 3 november 2019

opps.. sorry for the spelling issue. Yes, I meant stalk. ugh.

Magic 8 Ball | 3 november 2019

We have had ours since Aug 2018 and I am more enthused about the car than when we first got it. I figured just a nice commuter car to get into the HOV lane that might have some pep and would enable us to completely fuel at home. The car exceeded our expectations from day one and every time we get an OTA it provided a net improvement. I just bought a 3k vaporware upgrade based on having our expectations exceeded, so far.

andy | 3 november 2019

This forum needs a "like" button.

gballant4570 | 3 november 2019

Magic 8 Ball +50

I like the car more all the time. I only spent $2k on the vaporware, but perspective is just the same. I want to reserve the pickup now. I am willing to wait until the reveal to do so however, I think I'll have to anyway.....

Tesla-David | 3 november 2019

@M3oneLuv, nothing wrong with you at all. We absolutely love our LR RWD (19 inch wheels) M3 picked up on 2/2/18, and have had zero issues with our car and no problem disengaging from AP, merely move the steering wheel or tap the brake pedal to disengage.

M3oneLuv | 3 november 2019

It's nice to see some positive feedback. A lot of negativity lately.

Bighorn | 3 november 2019

Don’t jinx it:) Chaos is afoot.

nwfan | 4 november 2019

Glad I wasn't alone in spending 2k on FSD (vaporware).

My Model 3 has become more enjoyable since purchasing
back in Mar 2018. Someone offered to buy my LR RWD 3 back
in Jun 2019. Not interested. Friday regen braking to stop added.
5 % power improvement to go along with video playback.
It's become a fun car to drive and sitting at SC goes by so fast
while catching up on Netflix episode. I ended up unplugging and
moving to another parking spot in order to finish watching my
Netflix program. It was encouraging to read EM comments
during the 3rd Qtr Earnings call. Fun staying free,.

M3phan | 4 november 2019

@SalisburySam, yep, stalk.

M3phan | 4 november 2019

Talk to text is fin. Reely reely fin.