Weird charging bug...

Weird charging bug...

Just ran into a weird charging bug where the current was set to 11a while charging. Which is lower than what I normally set it to.

It was one of those middle of the night check the app to see if I have the new firmware update. No, still on 32.12.2. I then double take, and go what is this charging at 10 miles per hour thing. Wander down to the car, and sure enough it is set to 11a with the charging port doing a slow green flash. Not a cabling issue. Bump it back up to my usual 34a and the charge rate climbs back to where it should be. (HPWC, 60a breaker btw).

Just weird that it would on it's own suddenly be set so low. The only thing I have been doing is playing with the start time to better match my departure time during the week. But, have not touched the current setting.

Anyone else seeing similar weird behavior?

kevin_rf | 3 november 2019

Since someone will want more details, currently:
32 miles per hour, 240v, 34/48a, about 60% SOC, charge limit 70% SOC, start time 3:30am, connected to the home HPWC.

Everything looks nominal. Just weird that the current would suddenly be set so low.

Pg3ibew | 3 november 2019

It may be an issue of your Utility BROWNING OUT or fluctuating your voltage. The car knows what voltage it is receiving and will ACT accordingly.

kevin_rf | 3 november 2019

Never heard of bad power changing the user setting widget on the charge screen. It just drops the power being drawn leaving the setting intact. Just weird that the actual widget the user changes current with is being changed.

11a is about what the car would have been drawing last night when I plugged it in (4 heated seats plus heat).

Kinda like the bug if you get in the car, change the temp, and then hit the brake, it goes back to the temp you had set when you exited the car the night before.

Or my favorite, which I think is unique to my car, if I pull forward out of a parking spot my driver side mirror is pointed at the curb, requiring me to go in the menu and hit restore to get it pointing correctly. If I reverse out of the spot then go forward the mirror is pointed correctly. That one is scary because I usually don't notice until I'm on the ramp merging into traffic.

Like I said the numbers and charge port where nominal.

Lonestar10_1999 | 3 november 2019

@Pg3ibew - the electric utility is required to deliver power within the voltage limits listed in the tariff. This is usually +/- 5% or for a 240vac nominal voltage, the delivered voltage can vary between 228 and 252 vac. The on board ac/dc converter should not need to clamp to a lower power level if the utility power is within tariff limits.

Tronguy | 3 november 2019

@Lonestar10_1999: Yesabutta.. Power dips, peaks, and faults happen all the time. Breakers break, wires on utility poles cross and, in general, Bad Things Happen. When nothing is going bad then, yeah, 240 VAC (208 for those on 3-phase) steady, +-5% or whatever, sure. But there's a reason people keep lightning surge protectors on their computer gear and the occasional white-light-going-to-yellow-and-back events occur.
It's known that Teslas are equipped with AC voltage detectors, the better to catch bad wiring and such, and will restrict the charging current if it thinks things aren't right. So, me, I'm voting for a voltage droop.

kevin_rf | 3 november 2019

So everyone is saying the area I circled in red and not the area I did not circle is supposed to change if the power goes wonky? I'm just not buying that it should have changed from 34a to 11a due to that. The area I did not circle, yes, but this area? No.

Jabstep | 3 november 2019

Has anyone else ever had the Tesla Home Wall Charger short out? After 14 months of almost daily use, my Home charger suddenly stopped working. When I opened it up I saw that the thing shorted out with lots of insulation having burned off the live lead, and the green plastic housing where you clamp the lead wire having also charred and melted.

Tronguy | 3 november 2019

@Jabstep: Co-worker of mine got a new Tesla a couple of weeks ago. Had a local electrician install a THWC. The guy goofed and attached wires with the power on, which both the manual and common sense Says Not To Do. Result: inop.
The co-worker called Tesla, they did some remote troubleshooting, and shipped the co-worker a new one. With the power off, he installed the THWC and now all is good.
So, doing the installation wrong can Do Things. Second: There is this thing called infant mortality with electronic hardware. Sometimes stuff just breaks.
In any case, there's a warranty. If it's dead, call up Tesla and invoke the warranty.

NateC | 3 november 2019

I've had it happen a few times before. It seems to occur after I've opened the charging screen from the menu and made some changes. For example... if I've just parked, adjusted only the charging start time, then plugged in, sometimes I'll find that the charge current has been reduced to 5a. However, if I plug in first so the charging screen is already open, then make my adjustments, the charge current stays at max.

kevin_rf | 3 november 2019

So that's the cause of the bug. Thanks Nate, with temps dropping I've been fiddling with the start time so charging finishes closer to 7am each morning.

Now I really cannot wait for 36.1.