Range keep dropping even when car is in stationary

Range keep dropping even when car is in stationary

I had 201 miles range and temperature was around 50. I woke up the car by app twice and since last night 11 pm until now (about 15 hours) i lost about 15 miles for no reason! Is this the cold temp everyone talking about? Or something about the battery needs to be serviced? It was 50 coldest and about 60 in daytime

Lonestar10_1999 | 3 november 2019

The car uses it’s own battery power to maintain itself. That’s why Tesla recommends you leave it plugged in. There is nothing to worry about.

M3phan | 3 november 2019

In Tesla’s owner manual, 1 mile a day loss is normal when unplugged.

M3phan | 3 november 2019

Also check to see what you have toggled on. Things like sentry mode and smart summon standby mode use power.

M3phan | 3 november 2019

I meant 1% a day loss, not 1 mile.

Bighorn | 3 november 2019

Not the temperature. I lose 1/2% per day at those temps although miles can disappear as a warm battery cools.

stingray.don | 3 november 2019

That sounds like typical battery drain from sentry mode. You can adjust the settings so it is not activated at your home.

amirhnaimi | 3 november 2019

Sentry mode is not on im pretty sure. All doors are closed cause last time I noticed if they left open, they can consume battery. It’s more than 1% range loss! What can I do about it?

FISHEV | 3 november 2019

Average battery drain is 0.20 kW an hour if I'm reading the StatsApp "Phantom Drain Rate" correctly. So you should expect to lose 2.4kWh of capacity over 12 hours. For my LR AWD rated at 310, that would be about 10 miles of range over night. Likely varies with Temp but Tesla doesn't provide a baseline.

Get StatsApp for Tesla and you can monitor the phantom drain.

casun | 3 november 2019

turn off smart summon standby.

spuzzz123 | 3 november 2019

“Average battery drain is 0.20 kW an hour”

Bighorn may have fun with this one.

Bighorn | 3 november 2019

I’m glad I’m not the only one laughing. What did Bugs say, “What a maroon!” ?

loosej89 | 3 november 2019

My LR AWD was losing 1-2 miles/day when unplugged, since December. After the V10 upgrade, 2019.32.12.2, I went on a week trip and the car lost 20 miles/day in the airport parking garage. Imagine my surprise !!! Wasn't sentry or AC , I am pretty sure, from testing it in my garage, that it was Smart Summon Standby. My mistake, but the upgrade should come with that defaulted to "Off".

Earl and Nagin ... | 3 november 2019

Your cellphone probably lost charge during that time as well. This is why most of us leave them plugged in at night.

PixelatedDensity2 | 4 november 2019

Are you using any "stats" apps. Some have a habit of pulling the car too often which doesn't allow the car to get into a deep sleep state.

calvin940 | 4 november 2019


"Average battery drain is 0.20 kW an hour if I'm reading the StatsApp "Phantom Drain Rate" correctly."


You have no idea about what you speak! Stop giving people misinformation.

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

Haven’t you heard? Kilowatts are obtuse, pedantic sophistry! Stick with the science of “lots of energy”. Lol.

calvin940 | 4 november 2019


I almost blew a gasket! I mean I like to ignore these people in general hoping they will go away, but for christ stakesm when they literally have no clue about the subject matter, they can only serve to hurt others trying to get *actual* information.

calvin940 | 4 november 2019

ugh.. stupid spell corrections.. although, stakes might almost work in a weird way...

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

A different kind of vampire drain;)

smaisak | 4 november 2019

Touching microphone and requesting music stopped working. It searches but won’t play requests. Onlymanual radio working. Suggestions? Please.

calvin940 | 4 november 2019


Please try to post that in an on topic, appropriate thread. There are a few related to your question .