manually precondition for supercharging

manually precondition for supercharging


I want to know if there is a way to manually precondition the battery for supercharging.

The reason is that there are some new superchargers that are not (yet) in the tesla map. The car won't know that I am navigating to a supercharger, and therefore won't precondition the battery.

If the battery does not get preconditioned, are there any adverse effects to the lifetime of the battery, or will it just charge slower?



MAB1980 | 3 november 2019

Navigate to a different SC and just drive where the new one is?

spuzzz123 | 3 november 2019

@mab that might work if the sc you navigate to is about the same distance away. I really don’t think there’s any harm being done to your battery by not preconditionIng. Probably the reason it charges slowly when cold is to avoid damaging the battery.

Bighorn | 3 november 2019

Preconditioning just came about so there are billions of non-preconditioned miles. 99% of the time, the battery does not need preconditioning to get maximal supercharging power, so no need to spend any time thinking about it.

FISHEV | 3 november 2019

Doesn't look like it. The only thing that activates it is the Nav to SC on the car tablet.

I've been graphing it for my SC runs with a cold battery (38F) and short runs of 11 and 18 miles to the SC. The Battery Preconditioning runs the entire time and uses about 20 miles of range at 38F in addition to the travel distance.

If you are traveling and the car has been running and generating its own heat for over 25 miles, you likey don't need t he preconditioning and it might not even come on if you did the NAV to SC. You could test it out but using the same distance and car condition to a known SC and see how much if any of the preconditioning the car uses.

End of the day, the only thing that happens is the car charges slower.

msmith55 | 3 november 2019

The battery has several low temperature limits, below about 20 C , no charging is permitted because charging can cause dendrites to grow and short out the battery, which would cause a battery fire, but the BMS is smart enough to prevent this, instead the battery is only heated, but a level 1, 120 V charging doesn't provide enough power, so the additional power will come from the battery, and the SOC can drop, even though it is connected to a charger! Only when the battery is warm enough will battery heating be turned off and charging begin. ( when the battery is too cold to charge, you get snow fake symbol and regeneration is limited.) The optimal recharge temperature is above 30 C, so preconditioning of the battery can occur if it knows your on your way to a supercharger. This will reduce the slow ramp up to higher charge rates.

Bighorn | 3 november 2019

Where did you get 20C as a limit for no charging? That doesn’t seem to jibe with reality.