Precondition for super about anytime?

Precondition for super about anytime?

So the car has the ability to warm the battery in anticipation of a super charger....Which got me thinking again, why can't I just warm the battery while its sitting in my garage? Anybody have any insight or thoughts as to why I need to drive to warm the battery?

Probably a boring topic for you CA/TX/FL peeps....But the no regen braking is so annoying. And charging/warming the cabin doesn't really help all that much.

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019

My thought is it'll be an OTA new option eventually....Unless there's something I don't know.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 november 2019

I think the new update allows to select for when you want charging to end, is that not intended to keep the battery warm for just before you leave?

andy.connor.e | 4 november 2019

My guess is it preconditions in anticipation for a supercharger so that it doesnt have to waste time warming the battery when you plug in. When the supercharger is capable of charging around 1000mi/hr, every minute is 16 miles of range.

Then again, You're asking alot of questions here. So without asking for clarification, my guess is you need to drive in order to warm the battery because the cabin heater does not use enough power for the battery to actually get warm. Driving uses many times more power than the heater.

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019


Agreed, that's what I think its for too (don't have it yet)....but that really doesn't do much for me. I can charge from 80-90% + heat cabin for 30 minutes.....Still my regen is covered (50%) in dots....What I really want is whatever the battery is doing for getting ready to super charge....Do that on command.

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019


Yup. You're right.

But if the battery can get warm, somehow, for a super charger....I have to believe it can do it in my garage. Stationary.

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

The Model S battery heater turns on with the app-initiated cabin warming if it's cold enough. (about 40F)

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019


In cold conditions, using the S's app initiated preconditioned, can you get the battery warm enough to see no regen dots? Or is it kind of like the 3, charging and warming cabin can only do so much.....

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

I usually don't wait long enough to see that--obviously time and temperature will have major impacts. A more effective, energy efficient approach is to charge the car before departure--the more kWs, the better.

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019

Well, whatever the battery does to get ready for a SC - I'm hoping can be done in my garage. One day with an OTA update.

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

99.9% of my supercharging would not require preconditioning. It's a dog and pony thing.

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019

'Need/require' - agreed - probably never. I've used it and it was cool. Jumped to max charge rate almost instantly. But when I didn't and it took a couple extra minutes to ramp up....Wasn't a big deal at all.

Obv my point is the 3 has the ability to warm the battery. Just let me do it in my garage! :)

mrburke | 4 november 2019

@Mike - what is your goal in pre-heating the batteries ? Is it just re-gen braking or something else ?
And how cold is you garage ?

Mike UpNorth_ | 4 november 2019


I enjoy the ~1 pedal driving a lot. Once I got used to it having almost none isn't as fun to drive. So my goal would be 0 regen dots. Or at most, like 8.
Current outside temp = 35F
Interior of car in garage = 48F

derotam | 4 november 2019

Didnt want to take away from the OP at this point and post a new thread yet. Just got my OBDII setup and looked at some quick values...that should not come as a surprise to many here.

Starting condition. LR RWD car parked 17 miles away from SC
Outside temp 60F
Stator Temp 26C
Cell Mid Temp 22.8C
Battery Power .26 kWh
R motor power 0kWh

I navigated to a supercharger 17 miles away, still while in the message "Preconditioning battery for Supercharging"

After 10 minutes values were as follows:
Stator Temp 62C
Cell Mid Temp 24.3C, Inlet temp 29.8C
Batt Pwr 3.46kWh
R motor Pwr 3.5kWh

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

Thanks! Again with the wrong units, though:) Pwr should be in kW—looks like a C&P from the reader. Do you think battery heating is a sum of the two draws?

derotam | 4 november 2019

Ahh sorry, yeah all those kWh are supposed to be kW... autocorrect.


I think the heating pwr is just the R motor power.

derotam | 4 november 2019

...yes I just wrote the values down and then retyped them in my post...I can do screenshots another time for people to see.

Bighorn | 4 november 2019

Cut and paste

FISHEV | 4 november 2019

If you are parking in your garage, why not just set the cabin heat to come on at a specific time. Tesla does recommend turning on cabin heat to help warm battery. Poor man's Battery Preconditioning.

You would still be plugged in so no loss of range.

"Note: In cold weather, some of the stored energy in the Battery may not be available until the Battery warms up. When this happens, a portion of the Battery meter is blue and the driving distance value has a snowflake image next to it. If Model 3 is plugged in, you can heat your Battery using wall power by turning on climate control using the mobile app. When the Battery warms up, the blue portion on the meter and the snowflake image are no longer displayed."