Paying for Super Charging

Paying for Super Charging

Rarely a merchant gets hacked and my bank issues a new replacement credit card.
Now what if I'm out of town and the card I have in my Tesla account gets compromised?
I could be stranded especially since Tesla often ignores phone calls.
At a regular gas station I'd just use another card.
My Tesla account only allows for a single card payment method with no way to have a back up card.
Sure Super chargers have removed most range anxiety but if Tesla rejects your card you are stranded.

EVRider | 11 november 2019

You can change the payment method online, so there’s no need to talk to anyone. Just like any other online account that has your credit card.

SamO | 11 november 2019


jordanrichard | 11 november 2019

I don’t understand the problem. How are you going to be stranded at a supercharger?

dougk71 | 11 november 2019

Most payment systems..Paypal for example allow a backup payment method. As I understand it with Tesla if you don't have free Super Charging then Tesla needs to charge your credit card. Now if you are on an extended trip and your bank reissues your card for security purposes I'd expect Tesla would check the card before allowing Super Charging.Cash does you no good and another back up card isn't allowed.
The point is that a non working card could be a single point of failure and that a more perfected Tesla (billing for) charging system would allow for a backup payment process.
Maybe Tesla still allows the super charging when the card is denied then it is a non issue. I get that you can delete and re-post a card number via the internet but I would expect it wouldn't be immediate and you would be stranded ( delayed) at the Super Charge location until Tesla accepted the new number.

TranzNDance | 11 november 2019

It seems this would have been brought up if it were an issue. Funny (not funny) enough, using a gas station pump is one of the ways to get one's credit card info compromised.

Bighorn | 11 november 2019

You don't even need a card on file to supercharge, so rejection is not a likely scenario.

SamO | 11 november 2019

When proven wrong, double down.

dougk71 | 11 november 2019

"You don't even need a card on file to supercharge, so rejection is not a likely scenario."
So if your free super charging is no longer available.....You can still charge without having a payment method on file.
I don't see why Tesla would do this but if true, it is interesting to know that Tesla extends Super Charging credit beyond your free period.

Bighorn | 11 november 2019

They collect at the service center as well as bill you. Same for idle fees. It will show up on your My Tesla account. They only float so many dollars.

EVRider | 11 november 2019

Changing your payment method online is immediate, so you could even do it while you were at the supercharger. There are plenty of ways you can get screwed if your credit card number changes, but this isn't one of them. Let it go.

S75RedRidingHood | 11 november 2019

@OP, are you sure about card rejection at the charging station? I thought Tesla collect all the charging charges, include idle fees into you account and then you can pay at the service center or logging into your account and then use the on file credit card to pay at your own schedule.

Bighorn | 11 november 2019

He's definitely not sure, just posting a terrifying hypothetical. | 11 november 2019

This seems way out in left field. BTW, Tesla does immediately charge your credit card on file when you supercharge (I get a text from AMEX within five minutes of unplugging the supercharger cable showing the charge). | 11 november 2019

Maybe I will test this when the supercharger near my house opens (delete the credit card from my Tesla account and then go to the SC and attempt to charge).

dougk71 | 12 november 2019

Ok, so it is confirmed that Tesla doesn't allow more than a single card per Tesla account.
Sure assuming a denied credit card was a hypothetical however it seems others ( Bighorn) have encountered something similar and have been extended a small amount of credit at the Supercharger when they didn't have a card on file with Tesla.
Many would not expect this since pumping gas requires pre authorization of a credit card or you can pay in cash.
Perhaps BigHorn found this is in his Super Charging agreement with Tesla I didn't but if Tesla extends credit to him presumably it is extended to all of us should the need ever arise.
Nevertheless we'll find out for sure soon when an attempt at Supercharging without a credit card on file is done.
Many would naturally be skeptical of the extended credit Bighorn has with Tesla especially when your card on file is charged immediately.
I don't understand why even a small issue ( mostly hypothetical but still possible) question is raised why some think there is a devilish motive involved.
If all we can present are praises of Tesla on this board then both the board and Tesla lose the opportunity to advance.

bryan.hopkins | 12 november 2019

Perhaps what dougk71 is hypothetically sayings is that you’re on a long road trip, halfway through the trip, your only credit card gets hacked and you cancel the card. Bank reissues you a new card but you’re not able to get physical possession of the car because it is mailed to your home. I suppose that is a possibility, but how many of us only have one credit card? I agree that it is very easy to update your account with a different card. I’ve always travelled with multiple credit cards just in case one does get lost/hacked.

NKYTA | 12 november 2019

He said he has multiple credit cards.

EVRider | November 11, 2019
Changing your payment method online is immediate, so you could even do it while you were at the supercharger. There are plenty of ways you can get screwed if your credit card number changes, but this isn't one of them. Let it go.

Asked, answered.

Such BS.

Tropopause | 12 november 2019

I'd be more worried about being hit by a drunk or distracted driver. Worrying about minute details is wasted energy.

dougk71 | 12 november 2019

Well most payment systems offer a back up system. I used PayPal as an example.
Now what I hear is that Tesla would allow charging absent a valid credit card.
Yes we all often have more than one credit card that is why being able to enter a backup card could have value.
It is not bizarre to expect Tesla super charging billing would be similar to gas station fuel pump billing.
It is true I could win the lottery while my Tesla is at a Super Charger and just get a cab to the nearest Tesla sales location and buy another Tesla. This and arguments like " I'd be more worried about being hit by a drunk or distracted driver. Worrying about minute details is wasted energy." fall from the sublime to the ridiculous.
It is unhelpful to assess without proof the motive or mood of another. For the record I'm no more concerned about this issue than being struck by lightning nevertheless the prudent take measures to avoid being struck by lightning.It is prudent to know we'll all some super charging leeway from Tesla in the unlikely situation there is no valid credit card on file

NKYTA | 12 november 2019

Why couldn't you just log in and change which card you use???


jordanrichard | 12 november 2019

I have free charging at the superchargers, so I never established a credit card on my account. In Sept., I got hit with $5 idling fee. I got an email and email notification about it. So until I did get around to adding a card and thus pay for the fee, that $5 was just "charged" to my account. So my point here is, what OP is concerned about doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with whether your car will get charged up or not.

sentabo | 12 november 2019

Don't worry, soon Tesla will have a cashier on hand 24/7 at every SC, so if this happens one can just pay cash. That way no one will be inconvenienced by having to go online and change their card.

Bighorn | 12 november 2019

Way too many words to wade through for me on this particular "subject". I had a card on file that I ended up pulling when I was charged idle fees in error. Removing the card did not impact my ability to charge, I simply got a bill. Somebody please prove me wrong so the OP can retain some sense of dignity which apparently I've threatened, though I stopped reading after being referenced for the third time in a single post.

SamO | 12 november 2019

Retain dignity? That ship sailed 25 posts ago.

TranzNDance | 12 november 2019

How about "save face"?

EVRider | 12 november 2019

@doug: Since you insist on pushing your hypothetical scenario, let me tell you about a real one. I recently had a fraudulent charge on my credit card, so the credit card company issued a new card. I had to update my card information on 30 different sites, many of which were set up for automatic and recurring billing. Maybe 2-3 of those sites let you have more than one card specified. Even after your card is cancelled, the credit card company will accept charges against the old card number if they’re repeat charges or If you verify them. I didn’t have a single legitimate charge rejected after my card was changed.

Like I and others have said earlier, this is not an issue for Tesla or any other service provider that has your credit card on file. The fact that you keep on insisting otherwise is why we question your motives.

tes-s | 12 november 2019

@dougk71: try to embrace new ways of doing things. Tesla has a new way which is working just fine.

With so many real prolblems in the world, why invent imaginary ones to worry about?

By the way, consider setting regen to "standard" and turning "creep" off - join the future instead of living in the past.

Bighorn | 12 november 2019

Had my CC skimmed at a SC parking lot in the Bronx a few months ago. Was going to say the same thing about Chase paying recognized vendors on the cancelled card. Go through this every two years it seems.

sentabo | 12 november 2019

EVRider and BH - Same here. I now keep a file that lists all the companies (25 at last count) I need to contact to change the CC info. It's never been an issue, other than the time it takes.