How much hp does Model 3 Performance have?

How much hp does Model 3 Performance have?

I thought a few updates back it had 471hp or did update 2019.36.x.x bring it to 471? Because 471+23= 494?

-TheJohn- | 12 november 2019

Googling it yourself would have saved you more than 70 key strokes.
Learn to fish.

StealthP3D | 12 november 2019

Ok I know this isn't perfect but with a stop watch I got 2.98 seconds, zero to sixty. So I guess it's 494.5 hp, now.

StealthP3D | 12 november 2019

Yeah, googling doesn't tell you what it is with the new update. Learn to read.

MAB1980 | 12 november 2019

“ googling doesn't tell you what it is with the new update”

There are dyno curves pre and post update at teslamotorsclub. I google poorly and can’t find them readily.

It’s 500 ish, as I recall.

StealthP3D | 12 november 2019

I just searched tmc and it only showed dynos for awd non performance.

JAD | 12 november 2019

Dynos do not work very well for EV's. They are designed for ICE with HP coming up slowly at high RPM, not instant torque plus they figure 10% loss for drivetrain. None of this works for EV's so they guess as best as they can. Basically, the 3P has about 500hp now.

95dawg | 12 november 2019

"Yeah, googling doesn't tell you what it is with the new update. Learn to read."
Why don't you find out and let us know.

StealthP3D | 12 november 2019

Thanks JAD. And to all the others, I googled way before posting here... So be by guest and post a link since you guys are all adept at googling.

MAB1980 | 12 november 2019

Drivetrain loss isn’t relevant unless you’re trying to back into engine output. Just specify WHP.

rsingh05 | 12 november 2019

It was rated 451 go at launch. First 5% increase would take it to 473. Another 5% on top of that would take it to 497. 500 is a good enough approximation.

In terms of times, I saw a Reddit post with a dragy time of 3.03s with 1 foot roll out. On a 3P- with 19” wheels. 3P with the summer tires may well be a hair under 3.0s.

rsingh05 | 12 november 2019

And google is not helpful since it can’t keep up with the OTA updates. Unless you find the cleantechnica article referencing the MPP article showing the hp and torque graphs at different speeds/rpms and at different SOCs.

beaver | 12 november 2019

My estimate is 500 hp, TeslaFi showed my battery putting out 417 kW (would translate to 550 hp ideally) there are some resistance and motor losses.

StealthP3D | 12 november 2019

Does this mean it will take down the c8 in a quarter mile?

rsingh05 | 13 november 2019

C8 with Z51 is 11.2s@122mph. The 3P may just be able to match the time but will likely have a lower trap speed.

Maxxer | 18 november 2019

Please don’t google it. Use and plant trees instead