Watching movies while charging

Watching movies while charging

can we watch movies in a tesla model S mid 2018 while charging ?

EVRider | 16 november 2019

Yes, using one of the new Theater Mode apps (NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube). MCU2, which is required, went into production in March 2018. | 16 november 2019

And you can only watch movies while parked.

It is not legal in the USA to have a video (other than rear camera) in view of a driver while driving, so Tesla disables video while driving.

sentabo | 16 november 2019

Yes, TT, but it's okay if you are using AP. :)

Gi | 17 november 2019

I am afraid i have MCU1 and i should upgrade to MCU2 to have theater option.
Anybody knows if the upgrade is avaliable and how much it is ?

Bill_75D | 17 november 2019

Upgrade not available, although Elon said it would be. Maybe "soon"?

Anthony J. Parisio | 17 november 2019

I have heard nothing about Tesla ramping up MCU production for upgrades. I do know they have already sent Autopilot 3.0 to service centers. They’re just waiting for instructions as to when and who are to get them.

Boonedocks | 17 november 2019

Yep @ElonMusk said it must be true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯