What update gives us start charge to finish at a set time?

What update gives us start charge to finish at a set time?

Wife's 2016 S75 still doesn't have it. But it did just recently down load 2019.32.12.7 so I thought that would be it.
Still one more coming for her with "charge to time"? Would be good to use this now getting cold in northern Illinois.


jordanrichard | 18 november 2019

version 2019.36..... You know that you can still effectively do that now. Plug your car, see what it say for a total charging time, stop the charging, subtract that charging time from when you plan on setting out in the morning and schedule it to start charging for that time.

In other words. If you leave at 8 and the charge time is 1.5 hours, set it to start charging at 6:30 am.

CooHead | 18 november 2019

OK, guess we dont have it yet.

But yes, you are correct can manually calculate it and start it to finish at time. Makes sense. Will do that for now until 2019.36 comes to it.


CooHead | 20 november 2019

I ask here and whatdoyouknow.....update happened last night.
Got .36 and charge to departure is there.
Tried it and it missed the mark by about 15 minutes.
But good little feature to have. Car was warm and full regen at the start.