Website overwhelmed, tried to order Cybertruck

Website overwhelmed, tried to order Cybertruck

I guess no special treatment for Tesla owners?

andy.connor.e | 2 februari 2020

It means if there are 400k cybertruck reservations, they probably plan on somewhere in the neighborhood of 50k-100k per year production. If you waited a week after the unveiling, you're probably looking at 2023 delivery. I did mine 2 days later and im probably looking at the end of 2022. Kind of disappointing.

Wormtown Kris | 2 februari 2020

@andy: However, before the launch of the Model 3, they planned a much lower production and a later launch date. Once they saw that they had a massive hit on their hands, they ramped up the ramping up.
Elon says this vehicle is much greater than we realize. (And they already have over 400k reservations just based on what we think we know about the truck). So if the truck is even more, they are probably really going hard at increasing battery production, and will probably strive to manufacture a higher volume of CTs. Based on the Q4 CC, it sounds like they will be heavily battery constrained for the CT....

Red Ryder 3 | 2 februari 2020

No way all 400k will follow through on the order...especially since the reservation is refundable.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 februari 2020

I would be very surprised if Tesla's intended ultimate annual production is planned to reach anything below 250,000 units per year of CYBERTRUCK, and potentially 400,000+. Those expecting anything below 100,000 units per year, perhaps as few as 50,000 per year, are absolutely fooling themselves. Availability of batteries and rampup of production may take a while, but it WILL happen, no doubt.

andy.connor.e | 2 februari 2020

I would be surprised if they set up more than 100k per year production. After reservations are filled, 100k per year sounds about right for such a unique vehicle, but i cant be sure.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2 februari 2020

If the exoskeleton is truly a game changer in terms of production efficiency, then raw materials may be the only limitation to meeting demand.

It would be awesome if the Cybertruck could be custom configured and truly built to order with the same turn around time as the original Dell Computer business model.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 februari 2020

andy.connor.e: Don't believe the Trolls, NaySayers, and Doubters. The CYBERTRUCK is a definite hit. In the U.S., a full size pickup truck that sells less than 150,000 units per year is less than an also ran, it's a [FARGIN'] joke. Anything less than an intent to fulfill 250,000 units annually isn't even trying. Tesla will easily see a large proportion of a mere 100,000 units taken up by municipal applications alone each year. The CYBERTRUCK will be EVERYWHERE in short order for every town with a competent CPA and a decent City Manager.


896,526 ..... FORD F-SERIES
633,694 ..... RAM PICKUP TRUCK
232,325 ..... GMC SIERRA
111,673 ..... TOYOTA TUNDRA
_31,514 ..... NISSAN TITAN

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

I hope so. The more they make a year the sooner i get mine.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 februari 2020

Lonestar10_1999: Rick Snyder, former governor of Michigan, used to work at DELL Computer, which was based in Texas and pioneered the direct mail order sales of bespoke personal computers. DELL was never forced to sell through third party retailers, and once they chose third parties to offer their products, they were not forced to give up direct sales via online ordering or mail order. Yet, despite that background, he still signed legislation in 2014 that effectively banned Tesla's chosen sales/distribution method in the State.

He excused his actions by saying the new law 'changed nothing, while simply clarifying the State's position' on direct sales by Automobile Manufacturers. [BOLSHEVIK]. It changed plenty, by removing the element of CHOICE from any new automobile manufacturer entering the Michigan market and replacing it with the Requirement they must use 'independent franchised dealerships' instead of being able to Sell Direct to end users themselves.

My very first PC was from DELL. It was a good rig that lasted me from 1996 to 2002 with modifications. I custom built every one after that myself.