Stripes on backup camera

Stripes on backup camera

After last update (2019.40.2.1) i suddenly have purple and green vertical stripes on rear camera view. Anyone else?

Lightbright | 13 december 2019

Model 3 LR Dual

reed_lewis | 13 december 2019

Do a reboot. When stopped, hold the brake pedal in, and press both scroll wheels. It sounds like the system is slightly messed up.

jordanrichard | 13 december 2019

Just to add to what reed_lewis said. When in doubt, reboot. Meaning, if anything seems gltichy, just do a reboot or two. If that doesn't clear it up, do a full power off, let the car sit for a couple of minutes and then press the brake or open the door to run the car back on.

Also when you do press the scroll wheels to initiate the reboot, just press the wheels until the screen goes black then let go. In the past service told people to keep pressing the wheels for a full 30 seconds, but that has changed. Give the car a good minute to a minute and half to fully come back online.