Suggestions for brighter interior lights for the Tesla Model S?

Suggestions for brighter interior lights for the Tesla Model S?

Does anyone have any suggestions for brighter interior lights for the Model S? I have a 2020 but I assume interior light placement/shape has been unchanged since at least 2016.

I know Abstract Ocean sells interior lights (not dome lights) for $9-$10 per light. With 13 lights in the cabin, frunk, and trunk (or 17 lights if including the $10 red door lights), we’re looking at $117-$157 – and to be honest it’s a rip off compared to light upgrades of other luxury vehicles. Yes, I’m aware many of us own an unreasonably priced vehicle (Tesla). Yet, that doesn’t mean we want to throw away our money at everything else. I look forward to when more aftermarket Tesla accessory vendors price their items at “normal” ranges instead of taking advantage of Tesla owners’ income. But that’s a story for another day. ;)

If there exists a site/vendor/seller with reasonably priced, brighter interior lights do let us know. Thanks.

jordanrichard | 17 december 2019

Are you looking to get a tan.....?

The lights in my 2014 are bright enough. I actually never liked the placement of the rear lights because they are too close to rear passenger’s eyes. I think a better placement would have been in the roof, on the cross bar. | 17 december 2019

I show how to modify a Tesla LED module for a few dollars. Really not all that hard:

As for pre-made ones, Abstract Ocean seems to be the only game in town.

Even with the modifications or Abstract Ocean, I wanted much brighter trunk lighting. To be fair, most other cars have dim trunk lights, so it's not a Tesla unique issue. Here's my writeup for even better trunk lighting:

On my prior pre-refresh, I also enhanced the frunk: With my newer refresh S and smaller frunk, I haven't bothered with more lighting, although I did upgrade the LED module with one of my improved LED modules.

Aerodyne | 17 december 2019

Wish I read that before my AO lights arrived yesterday...only bought two, as it seems the trunks are where the light is really needed..

GHammer | 17 december 2019

RPM Tesla also sells them, $44 for 5.

Aerodyne | 17 december 2019

Just tried them in the Frunk. Big difference, much better.

Also tried the AO cubby light held up to the top frunk liner,, just in back of the bump. It worked as well, and lights up the whole area. Plus, it is motion activated and battery powered, and won't shut off after 5 or so min like the wired light.

Too bad I can't post pics here ..

Daisy the Road ... | 17 december 2019

I upload to a photo site (, strictly out of habit). These give you a simple URL that you can then post here. Free.
Example link:

TranzNDance | 17 december 2019

Do you really need all of those lights replaced? I got 4 four lights, three used in trunk and one for the driver floor light. | 17 december 2019

Love the light! Updated the 2 footwells, the 2 under-seat lights, 3 in the trunk, 1 funk and used projectors on the front under-door puddle lights. Added more strip lights in the trunk. And to be totally nuts, added Tshow in the front of the car: (see the 40-second video).

pete8314 | 17 december 2019

As the Founder, I just wanted to provide some perspective regarding the Abstract Ocean lights, and the pricing.

In short, you pay for what you get. Tesla charges around $18 per bulb. You can pick up the same bulb on eBay for ~$30. You can also find similar bulbs on Amazon for a lot less than we charge. Some of the listings continue to use our photos and copy. There's also lots of DIY options, such as the great solutions on Teslatap.

However, we've been selling these bulbs since 2013, I think we're a positive part of the Tesla community, and all our bulbs are plug and play, CE and RoHS rated and warrantied for 2 years. There's obviously a cost to this. We didn't have to certify our bulbs, most people don't care. I could easily go onto Alibaba and pay half of what we're paying. But our bulbs are built to our spec, by a manufacturer that supplies millions of bulbs to a major German OEM. Tesla's are becoming quite fussy in terms of electrical accessories, so we think it's important to focus on the quality of the components, rather than the lowest cost.

I hope this at least explains our perspective.

rxlawdude | 17 december 2019

@pete, I want to thank you for your products. I've bought lights and silicone fob holders, and found the quality of AO stuff to be first rate.

spineeric | 17 december 2019

I bought several replacement lights from aliexpress. I've purchased many items from them, not just Tesla items. I have yet to be disappointed with the quality of the items, even Tesla related items. Very good prices, but sometimes it takes 30 days for delivery. As long as you're not in a rush, their prices are very good.

spineeric | 17 december 2019

@pete8314, I also purchased AO interior lights, and they are quality products. No complaints at all about your products, and not just your replacement lights.

Aerodyne | 17 december 2019

The cubby light worked well in the Frunk/trunk lids... thinking about getting more..

GHammer | 17 december 2019

Thanks Pete

Even though I posted an RPM Tesla link above, I outfitted all three of my cars with Abstract Ocean lights. I dont think the price is at all out of line and AO service is great. I had one light go out (out of about 25-30 I've purchased) and AO quickly sent me a new one.

akikiki | 18 december 2019

Great products Pete. Thanks for being there from the beginning for us. Many of us remember you set the bar and had some of the very first Tesla products. I remember those with the Tesla logo. Still have some. Antiques by EV time measurements now. | 18 december 2019

@pete8314 - Thanks for posting! I've also bought and used your lights and they work great. The DIY route is not for most owners, and I'm glad to have your options available.

CoinFitz | 18 december 2019

@Pete, no explanation needed. Your stuff is top-shelf. I installed your lights in my 2012 and magnetic phone holder in my 2015. Once my credit card cools off a little I'll be raiding your inventory again.