how to find exact warrant expiry date ?

how to find exact warrant expiry date ?


how would I find the exact expiry date of warranty for my MS ?


EVRider | 18 december 2019

Check your motor vehicle purchase agreement, your warranty terms should be there. The warranty currently listed on the Tesla web site is not necessarily the one effect when you bought your car. Some of the warranty terms are based on both mileage and time.

murphyS90D | 19 december 2019

There are no warranty terms in my MVPA.

EVRider | 19 december 2019

Ok, I stand corrected. If you didn’t receive a hard copy of your warranty when you took delivery, you’ll have to use the online version here (for North America):

There was another recent thread about Tesla changing warranty terms for older cars, but they can’t legally do that. If you identify your MS build date and configuration, and your country, maybe someone else can tell you what your warranty was when you took delivery.

jordanrichard | 19 december 2019

If you bought the car new, the bumper to bumper would expire exactly 4 yrs/50,000 miles from the day you took delivery of your car. The battery and DU warranty will expire exactly 8 years from the day you took delivery.

srisitar | 20 december 2019

thank you - I am the second owner.. and I don't have details on the first. what can I do to find ?
with tesla - the only way to get info is to open service call. any other options I have ?

jordanrichard | 20 december 2019

Well, straight away you can at least figure out down to the month. Look at the driver's side door jam and look at the sticker. It will tell you what month and year the car was made. Again the BTB warranty is 4yrs/50,000 whichever comes first. The battery and DU are warrantied for 8 years.

srisitar | 20 december 2019

@jordanrichard - thanks, will do that.

tes-s | 20 december 2019

Next time you are in for service, the service center can probably tell you the exact date.