Heated seats

Heated seats

The preheating option for the seats from my app has stopped working.... taken it in for service and told this is a problem with software update and they are “working” on solution.
Has everyone’s stopped working or is this just the UK (or just my car)!

hucrawford | 18 december 2019

My bun warmer is still working after the latest update...

jimglas | 18 december 2019

reload the app and reboot your car. If still not working, make a service appt.
Mine works fine

jordanrichard | 18 december 2019

You took it in for service over that? Though since you stated that they are working on it, I guess a reboot didn’t fix it, or reloading the app didn’t fix it.

The very first thing one should do if anything is glitchy is to do a reboot. Though in this case it’s the app.