Model X issue with middle seats, 7 seater

Model X issue with middle seats, 7 seater

Last post regarding what is a collection of poor function on this 108k car.

When I go to release the middle seats, there is a gross lack of release. That is, it does unlock, but the seats remain in position. And so for my parents who I wanted to introduce to the back seats, I had to push and heave and move manually the seats forward. It is fraught with friction.

This whole experience is rather not congruent with the image sold.

I’ve had other issues with other processes, and I feel that there is significant room for improvement.

Savaage | 7 januari 2020

I know what you are talking about, its somewhat clunky. Have you tried pushing the button on the shoulder? Pushing it 2 times allows you to move it forward and back rather smoothly.