Ideal garage

Ideal garage

I own a 2019 Model X and looking for suggestions for a new garage in North Georgia. North GA gets cold (winters can get to low 20s F) but usually only a few snow days a year. North GA summers can reach 100 F with 70+% humidity. We are building a new home in North Georgia and looking for suggestions for the ideal garage environmentals for my Telsa. Should we consider insulation for external walls and possible dehumidifer or a ductless mini split for the garage?

Thank you

Bobblec | 16 januari 2020

insulate and mini split heat pump

Model X Guy | 17 januari 2020

I would have at least a 9' high ceiling and an 8' high by 18' wide 2 car garage door. The X is wide and opening the falcon doors and rear hatch with a standard 7' door can be a problem, especially when the garage door is open.

jimglas | 17 januari 2020

@TT: #1 for me. | 18 januari 2020

Another thought - make it big enough for the Cybertruck - just in case you or a future owner elects to get one!

Bighorn | 18 januari 2020

Definitely on my list of must-haves.

BadgerErickson | 19 januari 2020

Sandra, go with a geo-thermal system for your new garage slab; you can actually do most of the $$$ work your selves before the garage floor pour. It warms the slab in the winter and cools in the summer, and htis is relatively old-tech, so to speak, with tons of resources out there for quick learning.

Once you get into the learning phase your only question will be: Should we attach the garage and run the system into the house heat/cooling?