Obsidian Black Paint Issues

Obsidian Black Paint Issues

I'm not sure how many of us have the Obsidian Black color on our cars but is anyone else having paint issues with this color? My paint chips very easily. Any sand particles flying through the air while driving on the hwy and I get some deep chips on my hood and bumper. Does Tesla cover that type of damage? Thanks in advance guys!

M3phan | 19 januari 2020


lilbean | 19 januari 2020

Paint chips are not covered. I went through a horrendous sandstorm for over an hour and not one single chip or scratch. Mine is blue. I do have one rock chip though, thanks to a gravel hauler.

Atoms | 19 januari 2020

If you care about chips, then you need to have PPF installed.

Wormtown Kris | 19 januari 2020

We definitely have chips on our OBM Model 3. IDK if its any worse on our car than another color would be. Might stand out more because of the color- seems like the front fascia and hood are white underneath the paint.

FifthOnLeft | 19 januari 2020

Yes OBM paint seems very soft. I've got a few chips on the hood and a lot of tiny chips on the kick panels due to road salt. Tesla Service gave some BS explanation as this is normal. Having owned a few Metallic Black cars in the past, I know Tesla OBM paint is softer. I keep a paint repair kit handy everytime I detail my car.

I guess it's the price to pay for an otherwise magnificent car.

Bighorn | 19 januari 2020

I imagine all the paint colors have the same clearcoat.

Lonestar10_1999 | 19 januari 2020

For me, the fact that Black was the only color choice without a cost adder was why I chose it. It certainly gets chipped by pebbles and other debris that impacts it on the highway. I have touched up with the paint kit and it looks ok from a distance but a close up look reveals my lack of talent in touching up.

With a 90 mile daily commute, none of my cars stay new looking for long.

M3phan | 19 januari 2020

My red multicoat holding up well after 20 months (but only 19,700 miles). Exactly 5 small chips on hood/nose that show a fleck of white primer underneath.

NorthValley | 20 januari 2020

I toyed with the idea of getting PPF but in the end I just don't think it worth it in my case. I can handle small chips without OCD kicking in and as the primer is white and I bought a white car I may be lucky and not notice anything!

Wormtown Kris | 20 januari 2020

@Lonestar: You have a different color of paint than what the OP is talking about. Obsidian Black Metallic was a color that cost $1,000 extra, and was only offered for several months, from late June 2018 and discontinued before the end of that year. Ostensibly, OBM was a premium paint color, and has a beautiful eggplant-ish hue when in direct sunlight. Unfortunately after the quiet release, it was not very popular, and was culled when they ceased the metallic silver color in late 2018.

vmulla | 20 januari 2020

One black car in our local Tesla group has thin paint around rear doors, you can see the yellow undercoat. But that car was built mid-2018. Quality improved quite a bit since then.

Encierro-htx | 22 januari 2020

I have the OBM, and haven't had many issues. I have 2 nicks on it in the 16 months of ownership. but I did get the film on the front bumper after the first one.

bfenster | 22 januari 2020

I have OBM and I have a friend who purchased flat black at around the same time. There's no difference in chip/swirl resistance that I can tell with these two cars. It's mediocre in both cases. Then again, I had many black BMWs prior to going Tesla and it was no different. BMW is also notorious for soft paint