Sudden Unanticipated Acceleration —Disappointed in X Community

Sudden Unanticipated Acceleration —Disappointed in X Community

Had to go to S Forum to find any mention of SUA - then only in regard to stock impact. Cmon X-era how about some testimony!
I’ll start — owned two an S 50k miles and now an X with 10k. Not one hint ever.

marqdow | 20 januari 2020

“Cmon X-ers” | 20 januari 2020

Not sure what you're talking about. What hint do you want?

This is an interesting article yesterday: “Sudden Unintended Acceleration” Petition? Created By A TSLA Short Seller Who Doesn’t Own A Tesla.

Vawlkus | 21 januari 2020

Just another whompywheels.

Vawlkus | 21 januari 2020

BTW, anyone who says they’ve experienced this is a liar. Tesla’s acceleration system is different from ICE cars and it’s impossible for UA to occur.

inconel | 21 januari 2020

Isn't the OP saying that he NEVER experienced a sudden acceleration?
"Not one hint ever"

lowtek | 21 januari 2020

Totally debunked by the mothership .. fake news

Mrotr565 | 21 januari 2020

No sudden acceleration. I agree. With sensors might be able to slow down

I’ve experienced sudden deceleration 2-3 times. I did an immediate bug report. On another Occasion my wife was in the car and witnessed it as well.

buickguy | 21 januari 2020

Yes, Mrotr565, most of us have experienced sudden deceleration, also called phantom braking. With the more recent updates I've noticed that it is way less common than it used to be but not completely expunged.

mbirnie51 | 21 januari 2020

Never one instance of "SUA" here after 120,000 miles of Tesla driving.

I'll be the first to admit many stalks on a M3?? My MX has 4, one on the right side for going forward, reverse, park etc; on the left side 3, top one is turn signal and wiper functions which is longest and fattest, then the middle short stubby stalk for controlling the steering wheel only, and then the bottom stalk for AP/TACC functions. How many cases of SUA are reported in each vehicle type?? The location/function of the individual stalks might be suspect.

I've never had a SUA event in either my first MS or this newer MX I have been a left foot braker my entire life (except in standard shift vehicles), so I will get the annoying beep when both my left and right foot are performing their functions (I cover the brake in some situations). I use the regen of the car to slow me down in better than 95% of driving, as a matter of fact, I'd prefer getting more regen available!!

The pedals in the MX are different distances from the firewall, so I can't mistake them. Those folks that say they have experienced SUA might feel they are right, but my guess is they miss-applied foot pressure to the GO pedal, at least in the MX.

shinytop | 25 januari 2020

I have been slowing down and, in an attempt to turn on the turn signal, hit the ACC stalk. Since I was decelerating the ceasing of decelerating feels like acceleration. Easily recognized and stopped by turning off ACC or hitting the brake. I wonder if some that are so certain of SUA may have made that mistake.

Pungoteague_Dave | 25 januari 2020

Lots of unintended deceleration, but not the other way around.

Bighorn | 25 januari 2020

Deceleration is acceleration to a physicist.

cleo.24 | 4 februari 2020

Cruise control deactivate without cause

inconel | 5 februari 2020

Ha yes we have ma = sum of forces, we don't have md :)