No autopilot in Israel

No autopilot in Israel

Bighorn | 23 januari 2020

Couldn't have anything to do with Mobileye being an Israeli company? Nah.

barrykmd | 23 januari 2020

That was my thought, but it's now an Intel company.

Bighorn | 23 januari 2020

Has this changed?

"Mobileye is an Israel-based company and it will remain headquartered in Jerusalem under the leadership of co-founder Amnon Shashua."

SamO | 23 januari 2020

Oh vey.

SamO | 23 januari 2020

oy vey. | 23 januari 2020

Odd, since Tesla has never offered autonomous driving, and that is their objection. Also, Tesla is only just starting to set up sales in Isreal, which means no 2019 or older cars were sold by Tesla, although someone could import one.

rxlawdude | 23 januari 2020

Those khzirs.

barrykmd | 23 januari 2020

Rx - At first your response puzzled me, but then I figured it out. Guess I've never seen the word in writing, but I won't kvetch about it.

rxlawdude | 24 januari 2020

@barry, I've been accused of posting schmaltz.

Pungoteague_Dave | 24 januari 2020

you're all meshugenah

barrykmd | 25 januari 2020

Dave - those are people from Michigan, right?

Haggy | 28 januari 2020

It could be that they don't want a car driving up to a checkpoint with nobody in it, and then find out that terrorists had a bigger budget than they had anticipated.

dborn | 29 januari 2020

Have you ever driven in Israel? You could not possibly have a vehicle being driven responsibly there. Everyone else would go meshugah!
It is probably the same in Greece and the Greek islands. I drove in Crete and it turns out road signs/rules are merely a suggestion. You do whatever the heck you please on the roads over there!!!!