Tesla prices in Europe compared to US

Tesla prices in Europe compared to US

Can anyone indicate the relative price of the same car purchased in a European country, such as Spain or Portugal, when compared to the US price? Do EU countries provide any type of financial incentive for EV ownership to make up for the "clean diesel" mess? Is the sales model similar to the US list price "no hassle" pricing or are you expected to negotiate similar to ICE sales channels? Anyone guess if the Berlin built model will be a European product, and therefore not subject to a non-EU tax and certification hassles (pedestrian noise generation etc)?

PV | 24 januari 2020

I can't answer all your questions, but here's what I know. Generally, Tesla charges the same price for vehicles worldwide, with the additional shipping costs added in and any local taxes. The US-built cars shipped to the EU are shipped without the battery pack, which is assembled in Europe and I think avoids excessive tariffs/taxes.

I don't know about local financial incentives, so you'll need to check that out. For example, Norway doesn't impose a hefty tax on EVs that they do on ICE cars.

Prices are fixed and there is no haggle/hassle. Everyone gets the same price in your region.

Not sure there are any EU tax/certification hassles, and I expect those made in Berlin will be the same as those made here in the USA for Europe (i.e. requirements for sale are the same).

Perhaps an EU Tesla owner can chime in with more details.