Sirius/XM Radio in M3

Sirius/XM Radio in M3

Has anyone had any experience installing a Sirius/XM Radio Receiver in a M3? Of course, Amazon sells a receiver ( but then what? Thanks from Sunny Arizona

sheldon.mike1010 | 26 januari 2020

Looks nice.
Would for sure need professional installer who has provable knowledge about Tesla's electrical system
and what is appropriate where. Touchy stuff.

rxlawdude | 26 januari 2020

I wouldn't.

M3phan | 26 januari 2020

Is there a way to stream from your phone without installing a receiver?

rdavis | 26 januari 2020

M3phan | January 26, 2020
Is there a way to stream from your phone without installing a receiver?

Of course. Sirius/Xm has an app. I use it all the time in the model 3 to stream...

zerogravitydrgn | 26 januari 2020

I just stream from my phone. Doesn’t help if you frequently travel in a dead zone however.

Lonestar10_1999 | 26 januari 2020

Zero, is there any difference in audio fidelity (bit rate) between satellite reception of Sirius versus streaming on a phone app?

raqball | 26 januari 2020

I was using Echo Auto for a while and using it to stream from phone to car. It worked well enough and might be something to look at...

rxlawdude | 26 januari 2020

Of course, all of the suggestions to stream work great - as long as you have cell coverage. Also, the little spinning wheel frequently appears while streaming TuneIn, which is totally irritating.

Those two reasons are enough to justify at least the option of XM. (I won't even mention AM.)

stingray.don | 26 januari 2020
bjrosen | 26 januari 2020

Yes you can stream from your phone, there is a SiriusXM app.

Sarah R | 26 januari 2020

I had Sirius XM in my Volt. I loved Ozzy's Boneyard. Lithium. A few others.

Now I've got Spotify in my Tesla. I have had Spotify Premium for years and really wasn't getting full value out of it. Now I'm getting my money's worth. And since Tesla Premium Connectivity is half what I was paying for satellite radio alone, I'm winning. So ... while it very well might be possible to install a satellite radio receiver in the car in a way that doesn't destroy the simple aesthetic, the question becomes ... "Why?"

bill | 19 februari 2020

When I ordered my car in Oct of 2019 it said it included Sirius for one year. I already have 3 Sirius accounts and thought I could switch one to the Model 3. Then I found out it doesn't get Sirius. So I have been streaming it over my cell. I tried using the browser to get it but it shows it playing but no sound comes out of the speakers.

brscpo | 19 februari 2020

I stream through the phone when I want to listen to Howard, but Spotify has great music, and Tune-In can get CNN, so I am not burning through my phone's data limits.

Sarah R | 19 februari 2020

I thought I'd miss Ozzy's Boneyard. I already had Spotify Premium so I'm loving it.

rxlawdude | 19 februari 2020

I solved that specific problem by canceling the order for a Y and ordering a replacement MS.

Tired of the spinning icon from Tunein on the 3, expect similar situations with the Y. And I get homelink. And 1000 free Supercharging miles for the 3. But no AM. :-)