Windshield washer smell

Windshield washer smell

2019 AWD LR Model 3

When I washed the windshield, I noticed an immediate smell of washer fluid in the cabin. Did this twice with the same result, so I assumed something wasn't connected right or was leaking. I scheduled an appointment with mobile service. He called this morning and said this was a common problem with Model 3 and was cancelling the appointment. Is this a common problem problem or a smoke job?

Twochewy | 3 februari 2020

Mine does the same thing. I assume because the fresh air intake is near the windshield. Seems normal.

lbowroom | 3 februari 2020

I can say the same about any car I've ever owned

AWDTesla | 3 februari 2020

"I can say the same about any car I've ever owned"

Yup. | 3 februari 2020

Add your favorite liquid scent to the washer fluid and it becomes a feature:)

Yep, normal for most cars as the cabin air intake is right below the wipers. The S/X has the Bioweapon Defense feature with multiple cabin air filters, so those cars may not notice it.

mike | 3 februari 2020

That makes sense. My mind could only come up with the explanation that the fluid was leading between the reservoir and the sprayer. Thanks!

mike | 3 februari 2020

Can anyone recommend a better scented/unscented fluid? I live in an area where it freezes.

M3phan | 3 februari 2020

Bacon. Mmmmmmmmmmm

PteRoy | 3 februari 2020

Canadian bacon

coselectric | 3 februari 2020

I can smell the deicing fluid inside the airplane cabin too. Weird. I guess Teslas must be airplanes.

Joseb | 3 februari 2020

Not sure this will be really labeled as "common problem"

Personally I haven't noticed any smell, but of course I have "smelled" things from the outside world. Is physics?
There's an air recycle button in there.

M3phan | 3 februari 2020

Can’t be as bad as the old post from an owner who outed his better half’s broccoli...

blanca.8203 | 4 februari 2020

Mhhh mine smells like alcohol in the windshield washer fluid

mike | 5 februari 2020

I called to cancel my service appointment after reading posts here, but the scheduler suggested that they go ahead and send a tech down just to check things over and make sure there wasn't a problem. I was impressed with this response. Tech arrived on time and looked at everything and said it all looked good. He then took the time to describe the process. Suggested that I could turn off the fan before washing the windshield to avoid the smell. Told him I loved the car and we chatted for a few minutes on general features and he was on his way.

I was impressed with the overall experience and it gave me confidence that if I ever needed service for something that really was an issue, I would be well served.

derotam | 5 februari 2020

Common occurrence, yes...problem, no.

Atoms | 6 februari 2020

There is lemon and cherry scented fluid available. I’m not sure about bacon, chocolate, mint, or eucalyptus scented fluids. You will have to search.