Are you enjoying your Model 3?

Are you enjoying your Model 3?

I took delivery of my Model 3 back in April of 2019. Since owning this car it has exceeded all of my expectations, and I enjoy driving it every day. I also love to share it with others who inquire about it.
How about you?
Are you enjoying your Model 3?

Xerogas | 5 februari 2020

@RayNLA: a lot, how about you?

ncancilla81 | 5 februari 2020

Hate it

RayNLA | 5 februari 2020

:) lol...

Atoms | 5 februari 2020

When I can get it back from the boss. Yes.
However being an engineer I nickpick in my mind about everything that could be better. I spend a lot of time thinking about changes and engineering. If I worked at Tesla, at least I would be paid.

The car is just better than every other car out there. I do wish I had more acceleration though. But I may not be satisfied until 0-60 in 1 sec.

andy | 5 februari 2020


bp | 5 februari 2020

Hellz yah.

Skeewiff | 6 februari 2020

By far, the best car I have ever owned. Makes every other car seem like a dinosaur (juice burner)

pmillriver | 6 februari 2020

Amazed every time I drive it . Also love having people drive it and seeing their reactions.

WW_spb | 6 februari 2020

I love tight handling and FTL accelerating. Also white seats are Gangstar. Things I don't like that my wife managed to scratch front bumper in numerous spots. But when I turn on sound system and press go pedal my worries disappear in rear view mirror.

davec | 6 februari 2020

I have been driving for 30 years and this is the only car that I have ever hand washed. Now I am washing it every week or 2 and scrubbing the mats, putting tire shine on it etc.... My wife thinks I am nuts.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 februari 2020

● Yes - definitely.

teslamazing | 6 februari 2020

Once you go Tesla, you don’t go back.

Never ever buying any other car manufacture or ICE unless I hit the lotto and cop some supercars just to have.

teslamazing | 6 februari 2020

Forgot to include unless your fishev

KY | 6 februari 2020

I like technology, especially for the surrounding car detection and alert to you before crash.

ronbandel | 6 februari 2020

Love it........

amirhnaimi | 6 februari 2020

I loved to death german cars since I was a kid. Since I bought Tesla, all cars including German cars look dead to me.

RayNLA | 6 februari 2020

Same here, I used love German and Japanese cars, but now when I see them I think of a bygone era in time. I recently saw a Mid 2000’s MB E-Class and couldn’t stop staring at the chrome grill thinking how dated it looked. Looking at the interior of all other cars makes me a little frustrated when I see all the buttons and switches. I also own the first generation Nissan Leaf. Whenever I drive it I forget to push the button to turn it off. Lol...

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

Love it. Hate it.

Currently in the shop again getting protection for this issue.

"Tesla Will Pay For Mudflaps In Canada: Generosity Or Strategy?"

Adding the mudflaps, putting PPF on the vulnerable rocker cover area, $456.00

Liking the Ford Edge rental's adaptive cruise and lane keeping as smooth or smoother that TACC/Auotsteer in the Model 3. Ford's lane keeping seems to handle the highway off lanes better. Model 3 gets confused as the right line goes into exit. It tries to split the difference before it recenters, the Ford keeps to the left line better.

Joshan | 6 februari 2020

One idiot in every crowd. Think we located ours.

derotam | 6 februari 2020

He's been a lot quieter recently though....not complaining. :)

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

With mudflaps, new PPF on front and rockers, Xice's and refresh on the overall ceramic/wax I can make my first ski run to Hood.

WW_spb | 6 februari 2020

Fish, hopefully you can get your MachE in the 2021. I wish you luck with Ford, buddy. You will need it

teslamazing | 6 februari 2020

Oh boy. Another thread that will be infected.

dave | 6 februari 2020

@davec Same with me - first car I've ever hand washed, and I wash it every 2 weeks or so. I haven't tried the tire shine.
Funny that I too am Dave C, and we almost have the same forum name.
But my wife does not think I'm nuts, she just wishes I would wash her car inside and out after I'm done mine.

As for this post - I love my Model 3, it gets better all the time. Driving is enjoyable, even in heavy traffic.

Wilber | 6 februari 2020

Yep, great performing car with excellent sound system. Makes the Model S feel like an antique dumptruck by comparison. (I have owned two MSs, so I do have a little experience with MS.....)

teslamazing | 6 februari 2020

Sound system is phenomenal.

coselectric | 6 februari 2020

This thread is Fishbait.

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"hopefully you can get your Mach-E in the 2021"

Hoping. Kind of a preview of the tech in the Edge and much better than Tesla on the car stuff. Mach-E has a monster battery, supposed to be near 100kWh so a lot of interest over how that is used. Currently not for range with 270 mile range but maybe, like Taycan and e-Tron as a buffer for battery degradation, Winter etc so the 270 miles has less variation. Or like Tesla, a lot of EPA range in the "bank" and start to release it with price increases.

And charging rate. If set at 150kW to match EA 150kW charge rate, then $22 for 200 miles vs. $14 for 200 miles on Model 3. If a 20% buffer than Mach-E can maintain the 150kW charge rate to 80% of battery for faster charge.

PteRoy | 6 februari 2020

Worst car I’ve owned in the winter for trips, and average at best for my daily winter commute.

Best car I’ve owned in the summer for my daily commute and even pretty damn good for the multiple trips I made in the summer.

Worst sound system ever put into any car in the history of cars (sr+ owner)

Cost of ownership is too good to pass up even at a $55,000 price tag.

The autopilot system is one of the best if not the best I have owned.

Far too many gimmicks and not enough “useful” features for its price tag. (Heat pump, cooled seats, heated steering wheel etc)

Absolutely love the exterior of the car. Not sold on the interior. Feels cheap compared to similar priced cars. Seats aren’t as good as previous vehicles I’ve owned.

Overall ownership experience is a 6/10 for me. Would be much higher if there was a better charging network in Canada and better winter range.

I drive a lot. 28,000km in 6 months of ownership. Everything is my own opinion based on where I live and my experience with the car.

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"Cost of ownership is too good to pass up even at a $55,000 price tag."

Subaru Legacy XT at $36,000 is a way more cost effective for first 100,000 miles. No EV can really make a claim on economics due to the higher initial cost.

EV's are to drive emissions, guilt free, you are not going to save money on on an EV. Not a Tesla issue but an EV issue.

I drive 25,000 a year so a "love it" about the Tesla is no emissions.

Scrannel | 6 februari 2020

Love it.

jimglas | 6 februari 2020

does a cat have elbows?

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

"No EV can really make a claim on economics due to the higher initial cost."

Best statement today.

jimglas | 6 februari 2020

depends upon what you are comparing it to.
cheaper than a BMW M3

jeff-reynolds | 6 februari 2020

To answer the original question, my Model 3 (LR, AWD) is probably the best all-around car I've owned. It does everything I want it to do: Daily commute, hauling the family around, blasting though the northwest curves on a sunny day, and even going up into the mountains during the winter for some skiing.

Took delivery October 2018, and it has been a true pleasure to own.

Of course, there are annoyances mostly around software updates...

PteRoy | 6 februari 2020


My Acura was $1000 a month
My sr+ is $707

My Acura cost $100 a week in gas
My Tesla is $100 a month in the summer and $200 a month in the winter

My Acura oil changes were $130 every other month plus a $400 fluid change ever other year

My sr+ $0

So it depends on what you are comparing it to. For me it’s a huge savings. If I came from a Hyundai Accent then things would be different.

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

During the summer, your acura is $1400/mo and the sr+ is 732/mo.

Haggy | 6 februari 2020

I enjoy it sometimes. I use it on occasional weekends. The rest of the time I use my much older Model S, and my wife gets the 3. I don't think she'd want to trade me. She enjoys it a lot.

When I do get to use it, I like it more than ever. Whenever there's a software update, I like to take it for a moderate trip (maybe 30 miles or so) instead of using the S. Each time it seems to be getting better.

I'd definitely be happy with it if it were the only car I owned.

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"My Acura was $1000 a month"

Next time get a Subaru Legacy and save $20k if you want a great gas car. Luxury cars are never really worth it vs. regular models that have all the same tech.

Point is that EV's are much more expensive than equivalent gasoline cars and that initial cost overtakes the fuel and maintenance savings. If Tesla charged me for all the maintenance to date in just 9 months it would have been more than the Subaru which had no non-maintenance service calls in its 100,000 mile life and the oil changes were free.

Even with cheaper "fuel", the EV's will likely be more expensive in 7 year average ownership.

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

thats why Tesla's Model 3 is not competing with a Subaru Legacy. It competes with vehicles in the same price range.

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"thats why Tesla's Model 3 is not competing with a Subaru Legacy. It competes with vehicles in the same price range."

No. Tesla competes with other EV's. One is either getting an EV/PHEV to cut emissions or not.

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

Tesla doesnt compete with BMW, Audi and Mercedes ICE brands?

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"Tesla doesnt compete with BMW, Audi and Mercedes ICE brands?"

Correct. Tesla is an EV. People looking for EV's are not looking for ICE vehicles.

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

This is probably the second greatest statement i've read today.

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"This is probably the second greatest statement i've read today."

Day's not over.

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

Can you make me a #3?

teslamazing | 6 februari 2020

Buy a civic.

teslamazing | 6 februari 2020

“ $14 for 200 miles on Model 3”

Not at 150kW SCs that charge per minute vs per kW.

hcdavis3 | 6 februari 2020

Seriously R.I.P Best sound system ever in any car I’ve owned. Maybe sell your car car if it’s that bad.

FISHEV | 6 februari 2020

"Not at 150kW SCs that charge per minute vs per kW."

Since Tesla won't provide the CCS adapter to test other fast chargers, we'll never know. We do know at the 50kw level EA and EVgo provide 48kW of power and per minute in that case works out to $0.41kWh vs. $0.29/$0.31 for Tesla chargers.