Store electric current from workout equipment

Store electric current from workout equipment

Elon, when will we see Tesla equipment that can store electric current generated by our workouts? (see image below)

SteveWin1 | 8 februari 2020

I'm hoping this is a joke.

You could produce maybe 100 watts on that bike. So pedaling that bike for an hour wouldn't even get you a half-mile of range. You might say, "well, that's still free energy"...except its not. You have to pay for the equipment to hook that bike up to the car. Energy from the grid where I live is $0.11/kWh. Your 100 watts for an hour is 1/10th a kWh, so you would be earning just over 1 penny per hour of pedaling that bike. It would take you a LONG time to pay for whatever equipment was needed to connect the bike to the car.

gregbrew | 9 februari 2020

You'd need to change your mileage calculations to use "miles per peanut butter sandwich".