No service for issues over 65mph?

No service for issues over 65mph?

I've noticed a vibration on steering wheel when my model X (2016 p100d) traveling at higher speed. Basically start to feel that around 70mph, at 80mph it becomes a lot obvious, shaking hard at 90mph if I really push it.

I brought my car to Tesla Fremont along with some other issues and they did a tire rotation and wheel inspection for the first time. The vibration was still there.

The second time I took it to Fremont Service and they told me they will not do anything about it.

The service advisor told me I'm not legally suppose to drive over 65mph, and they don't care if the issue happens over 65mph since they cannot duplicate it. That's what they wrote on my service invoice "TESLA DO NOT GO PASS 65MPH"

I have seen a few threads with similar concerns and they eventually got it fixed. Not sure how they managed to do that.

I have seen service quality deteriorates over the past few years, from they will goodwill a lot of things on my Model S to they will tell you everything is normal to they don't care nothing at all.

Bighorn | 10 februari 2020

Go to a tire place and get them balanced and check the rim for bends.

griffeyjr | 11 februari 2020

I initially thought maybe you had snow buildup as that happens frequently here in Minnesota. Snow builds in the wheel wells causing vibration due to lack of air space. However, it looks like you are in California so this would not apply.

My Silverado had the shakes on Sunday as it had snowed and had large buildup. Kick the road gunk off and gone.

Bighorn | 11 februari 2020

Mud can do the same.

Uncle Paul | 11 februari 2020

They may have a point that they cannot legally driver 80 mph to duplicate your issue.

Perhaps you could put a tech in your car and drive around to demonstrate your issue.

sunsinstudios | 11 februari 2020

I believe parts of I-5 have a speed limit of 70 mph other parts of the country go as high as 85mph

Also, the tesla website states a top speed - and it's over 65mph.

They should at least make an attempt at fixing your issue given these facts. @uncle Paul has a pretty good suggestion.

Vawlkus | 12 februari 2020

Any service center cannot by law exceed the posted speed limits on my highway, otherwise, thy would be liable to replace the car should anything happen. | 12 februari 2020

@Vawlkus - Well if anything happens at any speed, they are responsible while it's in their possession. I see two issues -

- It can't be legal to require your employees to break the law.
- Tesla's service shop insurer may also have a requirement that employees can't exceed 65 mph for safety and risk reasons.

One possible solution would be to hire a dynamometer that can go to 80 mph and have a Tesla tech accompany you. No idea if Tesla would be willing to do this or if their insurance would allow it. Perhaps a private shop can evaluate it as well. As others point out, it's most likely a tire problem or tire balancing issue. Hard to think about what else might cause it.