Porsche Taycan Catches Fire Parked...Burns House

Porsche Taycan Catches Fire Parked...Burns House

A Porsche Taycan in Florida caught fire parked in a homeowners garage. The house badly burned and the car a total loss. Maybe they released the car too soon....

rxlawdude | 17 februari 2020

Porsche had hoped that the Taycan would catch on.

It did. On fire.

Tesla2018 | 17 februari 2020

Wonder if that is a fake video. A car collector (Happy Hippy) in FL had a garage fire about a year ago and his Porsche and other cars including a Tesla were burned up. This might be a video of the garage with just the Porsche remaining.

SamO | 17 februari 2020

(Sad trombone) for scumbags at VW. Stop with the half-assed shitbaggery. You give EVs a bad name.

jordanrichard | 18 februari 2020

One, the video is not fake. Porsche confirmed it was a Taycan and they are investigating, as that article from Electrek stated.

Two, at this point everyone is just assuming the car was the source of the fire. It could have been faulty writing in the garage. It could have been something else in the garage that caused the fire and the car just happened to be there.

So perhaps we should tamper the enthusiasm for this being a problem with the Taycan. Try looking at the bigger picture and see how this plays into people's fears of have an EV in their garage.

andy.connor.e | 18 februari 2020

I like how when a Tesla catches fire theres an immediate battery problem assumption. When the Porsche catches fire, we not only need to not immediately blame the car, but question whether it was actually a Porsche.

Remember the parking garage fire that was instantly assumed it was a Tesla battery that caused it? Turned out to be a diesel van? The bias thinking and reporting is sickening.

PrescottRichard | 18 februari 2020

Hopefully we will see the follow up on this one. Still wondering what happened to the Kona in Canada that blew the garage door off last July.

This doesn’t help the EV cause and that means Tesla too.

Tropopause | 18 februari 2020

There are EV’s and then there are Teslas. Events like this just further distance Tesla’s superior engineering from the rest of the pack, ie- events like this help Tesla and hurt all others.

Tropopause | 18 februari 2020

Ain’t that just like CNBC, use the Taycan fire to upsell Porsche vs Tesla! Ridiculous!

jimglas | 18 februari 2020

I suspect the turbo overheated and caused the fire

jordanrichard | 18 februari 2020

It's funny how many "news" outfits don't do any real news gathering/investigating. They are just reporting what others are reporting. Bloomberg just reworded what Electrek wrote.