Wild Model X Wiper Behavior in Snow

Wild Model X Wiper Behavior in Snow

So took the Model X across Snoqualmie Pass in Seattle this weekend. Everything worked well, I was really worried about the charge level but the car worked great. One thing was weird, though. As we were crossing the pass, it was snowing/raining and freezing. With the wipers on, there was a HUGE buildup of snow on the bottom side of the wipers. As they tried to wipe, they'd leave a slushy mess going one way and clean going the other. This was distracting as you might imagine, especially taking my car in these conditions for the first time. I assume that the snow built up prior to turning on the wipers for the first time? I finally fixed things by turning off the wipers, then turning them on FULL blast which flung the ice/snow balls off into the adjacent lane. This seemed to work. Just curious if anyone has observed this. Don't know of anything that I can do as the driver, might just be a design 'feature' with the way the wipers are place in relation to the frunk and windshield. Thanks!

-newbie Pete in Seattle
2018 MX 75D
2018 M3

Bighorn | 17 februari 2020

Do you have the cold package that melts the snow where the wiper is parked?

Vawlkus | 18 februari 2020

It tries to Bighorn, but it’s a little lackluster in practice. :P
I alternate double tapping the front defroster to turn it on high for a few minutes to try and keep the lower section of the windshield clear, and giving a bit of washer fluid to keep things liquid.

the.chris.cheah | 1 april 2020

@newbie Pete: You are 100% correct. I was driving home from Lake Tahoe to the Bay Area 3 weeks ago in a heavy snow storm. Blobs of ice/snow were continually stuck to the base of the driver side wiper making it rather dangerous to drive since it was smearing the driver side window! I had to stop 5 times to get that stuff off until we reached a low enough elevation when the snow turned to rain. Tesla MUST fix this problem or replace or recommend another skew for their X wipers! Thank you for reporting.