1,000,000 cars made!

1,000,000 cars made!

Elon announced Tesla has made it's 1 millionth car! Congratulations to the Tesla Team! Another impressive accomplishment.

Xerogas | 9 mars 2020 +1,000,000

NKYTA | 9 mars 2020


Ross1 | 9 mars 2020

so how many in Q1, can you work back?

sam97000 | 9 mars 2020

Elon is a genius

WW_spb | 10 mars 2020

Great day for Tesla!

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020

Im guessing about 5-10k more this quarter than Q4

jimglas | 10 mars 2020

How many have been made in china so far? | 10 mars 2020

@jimglas - The only number I heard is they were at a 1,000 week run rate, but that may have been a goal rather than actual. Tesla also closed down for a short period as well. My guess for Jan & Feb is around 4,000 cars. Hopefully, Tesla will report the numbers in April.

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020

Fremont is ramping, and anything at china is extra additional

Kevinjosephmoore | 10 mars 2020

Tesla should add a feature on the app that allows Tesla owners to access and stream video from the cameras on the exterior of the car. For example, it'd be great to know (in real time) who might be around my car or even to know what the weather is like where my car is parked (if parked outside).

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020

I see very little value in having that ability.

Cybertruckee | 10 mars 2020

Hopefully this will accelerate the timelines for the production of Cybertruck.

jimglas | 10 mars 2020

they can have a million car march (as in marching, not the month)

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020

I liked it better as the million car march. (month pun)

jimglas | 10 mars 2020

patience grasshopper

blkice | 11 mars 2020

Shouldn’t the buyer of that car get it for free, Just Kidding

blue adept | 11 mars 2020

Another milestone achieved!

Tesla Motors is killing it.

jordanrichard | 11 mars 2020

Ok, to include the 2500 Roadsters, up to the end of 2019, Tesla sold 903,472 vehicles. I got these totals from all of their earnings reports, if anyone wants to double check my math.

blue adept | 11 mars 2020

Ah, but we're talking about Tesla's production numbers as it relates to reaching an important stage as an automobile company in the industry, kinda like how they're also now the highest-valued US industrial company after overtaking Boeing, and not their sales numbers:

What this means is that Tesla Motors gets to tick off yet another box as it relates to the legitimacy it lends them in the automotive industry.

Milestones, people, milestones.

Mike83 | 15 mars 2020

Thanks for posting this TT. We got back from a long vacation and have been seeing truckloads of Teslas on I5 as many as 8 in less than an hour. I also see many M3s and lots of MXs now. We also stopped at Williams, CA and they have 250 kW Superchargers and across the street is Granzella's with great food and of course Olives, minestrone soup, a great deli, and more. A great stop but you got to move your car as it charges fast.
I think 2 million is not far away; it is hard to get my head around these large numbers but wow.

Uncle Paul | 15 mars 2020

And most every one of those 1 Million cars is replacing an ICE vehicle.

NKYTA | 15 mars 2020

We just saw Model 3 VIN 636,nnn in the wild at Seaside, CA SC+SvC

Highest I’ve ever seen in person.

Ross1 | 15 mars 2020

I think a million cars bumper to bumper is just longer than the width of USA (2800 miles)

jordanrichard | 16 mars 2020

Ross1, almost. 2800 miles is 14,784,000 feet. The Model S is 16ft long and the Model 3 is 15 feet long. With the Model Y being 2 inches longer than the 3a dan the Model X being a touch longer than the S, I used 16 feet as an average. That works out to 924,000 Teslas.

Mike83 | 16 mars 2020

So if you had a straight away it would take you 11 hours and 12 minutes going 250 mph in a Tesla Roadster II

Ross1 | 16 mars 2020

Or you could peer to peer info without the internet.From LA to NY.
Wind down the window and pass notes?

blue adept | 16 mars 2020

Vehicles moving at the same rate of speed and traveling in the same direction appear to be stationary from the perspective of the passengers in them.