Shame Thread - ICEing at the super charger

Shame Thread - ICEing at the super charger

Figured it would be neat to have a running thread of ICE cars at the superchargers.

Upload the pics here to linkify:

fazman | 6 april 2020

I’ll start... this was today at an empty supercharger lot in Salinas, CA

Joshan | 6 april 2020

With the plates even haha, nice

EVRider | 6 april 2020

How is this thread helping anyone? Flagged.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 april 2020

OP is a troll trying to garner favor. He is in other threads bashing Tesla and trying to make others angry at Tesla.

fazman | 6 april 2020

@EVRider: How does it help anyone, it gives the tesla community an idea of when/where ICEing trends are occurring. If a particular location seems to get a lot of these incidents than tesla owners can be more cautious at thise locations. The data is your friend...

john | 6 april 2020

I captured a couple earlier in the year, I don't think either were intentional, but in both cases the parked bus or truck blocked most all spots.

fazman | 6 april 2020

@Magic: I am not bashing tesla, but I do keep things honest and real. Not Trolling like you or a Fan Boi like others. Just keep it real, I’m sure tesla will rise to the occasion as they always do.

WW_spb | 6 april 2020

Flagged the new troll

lbowroom | 6 april 2020

sounds good faz, but for some reason I sense a different motivation and predict a different outcome. Sadly, it's a familiar pattern lately.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 april 2020

Telling someone they should go for a refund on FSD is trolling, another Tesla fan that often disagrees with me is on the same page with me about you.

finman100 | 6 april 2020

fan boi gives it ALL away...

lbowroom | 6 april 2020

Yes, doesn't acknowledge the professional trolls on here but calls out fanboi's as a term. Naively doesn't know that anyone can post here, etc.... won't be long until he's full mabuck ranting

Magic 8 Ball | 6 april 2020

Disappointed in Joshan for still buying into these rabbit holes. : (

yudansha™ | 6 april 2020

How about fixing problems in your community first? I see a bunch of Tesla owners parking but not charging at the malls.
Some of the supercharger at the WaWa (don’t mix with WoWa) have a 15 min general parking sign. Shame those too?

Frank99 | 6 april 2020

I ordered a bunch of bumper stickers that I keep in the car for shaming.
They have very weak adhesive...

hokiegir1 | 7 april 2020

@fazman - There's already a location where people can share information about frequent ICEing: Plugshare.

Joshan | 7 april 2020

Apparently if I do not run around with a pitchfork and a Tiki torch chanting I am "buying in"...

Joshan | 7 april 2020

It is amusing the FUD crew thinks I am an over the top fanboy and the truther crowd thinks I am a troll...

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

I think it's pretty simple. Drum up a conflict and put a divide between us and them. In this case ICE and EV. If I start to worry that my wife and kids may be target of EV hate, maybe I'll hold off on getting one.... One negative though driven by one negative headline will change someone's mind about their next purchase.

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

and for people who will argue that car decisions should be long rational research projects, they most often aren't...

fazman | 7 april 2020

@Frank99 lol, nice sticker!

FISHEV | 7 april 2020

@Frank99 | April 6, 2020 I ordered a bunch of bumper stickers that I keep in the car for shaming."

If someone's dash cam sees you vandalizing their car, wonder if they can publish it online and/or get police to arrest you? Probably better stick to note on the windshield.

People who park in Tesla SCs are going to do it deliberately to get a response (see @M8B, @MAX, @Joshan. @elbowroom et al here). You should probably figure you're on their dashcam.

For real fun, print out a fake parking ticket. At least they'll be wildly pissed until they see its fake. Wear your Covid-19 mask when putting it on windshield.

Frank99 | 7 april 2020

>>> You should probably figure you're on their dashcam.
Well, then, in my best Maverick imitation, I guess I'll just have to make sure I'm..uhh..."communcating" when I'm in view...

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

No fish, what I said was people like you are going to drum up hate and controversy, and here you are doing it.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 april 2020

Everyone wears masks now, get with the program.

CharleyBC | 7 april 2020

Notice how the Honda in the first pic backed in to sorta blend in with the Teslas.

I didn't get a photo, but on Thanksgiving there was a tour bus ICEing a whole row of Superchargers in San Mateo, CA. Sheesh.

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

I think we need to de-couple ICEing from people taking the last open space to park. Intentionally blocking chargers when there is ample parking is quite a different thing than someone parking in a EV stall out of "necessity" in a crowded lot.

Same mentality when someone takes up a handicapped stall. "hey, there's like 4 empty handicapped stalls here and no other parking available. What are odds of all 4 being needed, I'll just be here for a few minutes, no harm done"

Joshan | 7 april 2020

lbowroom | April 7, 2020
Same mentality when someone takes up a handicapped stall. "hey, there's like 4 empty handicapped stalls here and no other parking available. What are odds of all 4 being needed, I'll just be here for a few minutes, no harm done"

Has that EVER got you out of a $500 ticket?

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

I said mindset.... wasn't endorsing it or practicing it.

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

still much different than intentionally blocking access

Joshan | 7 april 2020

much different, in one case your a selfish prick and in the other your just a selfish prick

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

in one case you may be selfish, in another you're malicious.

Joshan | 7 april 2020

ok, I agree with that. We cannot debate it to much, cuz remember us fanbois agree on everything!

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

good, because I was going to ask you your take on exceeding the speed limit, not having a front plate, and tinting front windows.

TabascoGuy | 7 april 2020

Wait, there's something wrong with those things?

lbowroom | 7 april 2020

not in my book

howard | 9 april 2020

It is not just icing. With 30 years of trailering I was always amazed at how often we pulled off the highway into the Cracker Barrel and with plenty of empty spots you would find single cars parked in the EV/Trailer only spots. My kids would ask why are we not eating. Because there are people parked in the wrong spots. People are often just inconsiderate and selfish. Much easier to park in a wide open pull thru than having to back out of a parking spot or the handicap spot instead of walking from the outer spots or the EV spot when closer. We stayed at a hotel in Steamboat Springs with two chargers and as soon as I got the charge is complete I would go move the car. There was a BMW hybrid that never moved from one of only two spots the 4 days we were there. Did I mention it is just people.