Iphone app for this TMC site

Iphone app for this TMC site

I want to log into this site from my iPhone. Is there an app? How do I do that?

billroger | 12 april 2020

And we need a way to search this site for information. It is too vast to thumb thru for relevant information.

EVRider | 12 april 2020

First, TMC is the Tesla Motors Club site, which is not this one.

There are no apps specifically designed for these forums, but there are generic forum apps like Tapatalk that you can use.

EVRider | 12 april 2020
bjrosen | 12 april 2020

Tapatalk doesn't support this forum, when I search for Tesla on Tapatalk I get nothing. The only option is to use the browser on the phone.

flybyglass | 12 april 2020

You can create an app. Using your iPhone safari go to the Forum home page. At the bottom of the screen select the icon that looks like a box with an arrow. With the pop up menu scroll down and select "Add to Home Screen". This will add a link to your screen to go directly to the login screen.

gmr6415 | 12 april 2020

To search the site use: “xxxxx”

Fill in your search criteria for the Xs. You can use and between search terms for example “gmr6415 and dashcam”

WEST TEX EV | 12 april 2020


Not an App but great suggestion!