SGIP CA Rebate, DIY or hire someone?

SGIP CA Rebate, DIY or hire someone?

I'm a new powerwall 2 owner in Ca. and would like to put my name on the list for the rebate. I'm a PG&E customer. My installer said they can sign papers and help with system info. including a developer key.
When i researched it the process looks complicated and exhaustive, salesman said a company will do it for $450. What are others doing? Thanks

sonoboy | 16 april 2020

Anyone from cali do this?

Haggy | 16 april 2020

My installer did this as part of the installation. There was no separate price. It would be complicated without it, and it sounds as if your installer cheated by leaving things out that other installers include, and then asking for more money.

Was there a footnote in the original quote about this? For example, many will give a price and say that permit fees are extra. Others will include everything in the price. If the sales person mentioned to you when you were sold the product that there's an SGIP rebate, but didn't tell you that they wouldn't do their job and submit the paperwork for it, then I think you have a case. You might want to complain to the BBB, complain to Tesla that one of their authorized installers isn't acting ethically, (assuming it's an authorized installer) and maybe even consider taking it to small claims court.

Or you could speak to the salesman, let him know that other companies do it for free, you had a reasonable expectation if they mentioned SGIP when they sold you the thing, and that they are better off doing it for you now then waiting until you file complaints and/or take them to court.

You can also let them know that you will post what happens here, including the name of the installer, to warn others, and this is the first place that many potential customers will look.

gregbrew | 16 april 2020

My Powerwalls were installed by Tesla in January 2019. SGIP funding was completely allocated at that time, and Tesla told me that they'd let me know if it more became available. I had zero faith that would happen. Fast-forward to January 2020, when I got an e-mail from Tesla telling me that more funding was available, and would I please e-sign the attached documents to get the ball rolling. I did. One month later, I got notification from SCE that they had received my application, but they were waiting for more paperwork from the installer (Tesla). Then in March, I got another e-mail from Tesla asking me to e-sign yet more paperwork for the application. Early April I got an e-mail from SCE saying my ~$6k award had been approved.

I'm waiting for the check, and I did nothing besides e-sign a couple documents...a total of ten minutes of my time.

Your installer didn't do their job, and you are getting screwed for the $450 in additional funds.

mikenorthrup | 16 april 2020

I agree with the above comments. My installer handled all of the SGIP paperwork (including contacting Tesla support for my Solar City solar system specs) and, if needed, would have handled any HOA filings. I made sure that these services were included before I signed the contract.

sonoboy | 16 april 2020

Thanks for the comments! I called Tesla and they said its part of the installers commitment to begin and finish the project completely. Tesla also said there was not much else they could do. I have reached out to the certified installer company again for further explanation and to speak with other powerwall customers of theirs. The salesman did mention that his company and himself would do ALL paperwork, and that was part of the service they offered. BTW, total price of 1 installed powerwall 2 , $13,800. Need that rebate when it becomes available!

gregbrew | 17 april 2020

Yikes! My TWO Powerwalls were $18k total.

sonoboy | 17 april 2020

Yeah, I compared the other two installers in my central coast area of Ca, and they were all nearly the same...:(

sonoboy | 24 april 2020

After revealing to my installation company that the other local powerwall installers will do the SGIP paperwork, A quoted conversation with Tesla support and the information on this blog, they have decided to file this for me. Thanks everyone!