"Tesla stock too high IMO" Elon Musk

"Tesla stock too high IMO" Elon Musk

Guess the trolls can rest easy as Elon is doing it for them. Stock heading down again.

Joshan | 1 maj 2020

IMO it was more about proving the people wrong who said he only wants to open up GF so that he can make his bonus/ Trying to show the factory opening is not tied to stock price (which his bonus is tied to)

WW_spb | 1 maj 2020

Howard, you are late to the party

andy.connor.e | 1 maj 2020

I'd do the same. But then again, i wouldnt change anything about my behavior in response to that nonsense. I'd continue doing exactly what i am doing. I would not feel the need to defend myself against accusations that have no evidence. That being said, especially given the fact that Elon spent the last of his own money back in 2008 to prevent SpaceX and Tesla from dying. I am sure that kind of person is worried about his bonus.

andy.connor.e | 1 maj 2020

And i also forgot to mention that he hasnt taken a dime from Tesla. If you do your research, legally Tesla is forced to pay him at least minimum wage. Find out if he ever cashed the paychecks.

Bighorn | 1 maj 2020

He said the same in 2013 when it hit 160 and again in 2017 when it hit 320. Meaningless to the longs.

SamO | 1 maj 2020

+100 @Bighorn

Except he’s said it a few more times. Tesla Daily Podcast has a good overview. He’s being honest that the plant closure is “material” to the value of Tesla.

Good for him. I’m buying more.

SamO | 1 maj 2020

Here’s the link

George with SacEV | 1 maj 2020

BUT, BUT, BUT, I am a big Elon fan, but not without reservations and expectations of "behavior for the common good." He has been quite restrained and thoughtful in his postings and tweets for the last many months, however this past week "he must have gone off his meds." Again?

Damn, Elon, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU POST! We hold our "leaders" more accountable than the lay public and you are one of "the leaders" in this society, and you MUST USE MEASURE WORDS AND REFLECT ON THE CONSEQUENCES of what you publicly post and utter. I am a Psychologist, and I KNOW this can be hard, and frustration in one venue boils over into other settings and times, HOWEVER PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go out in the back parking lot and yell at the moon or kick somebody else's car. Don't take ALL OF US down with your totally unnecessary and really thoughtless comments, e.g. "the stock is too high." or "this is a racist state." etc. You MUST be more nuanced and more diplomatic in HOW YOU express your concerns. Again, it IS HARD AT TIMES, but let's be honest, you have an IQ of well over 145, so you can THINK ABOUT what you about to express BEFORE it sputters out. PLEASE, you are a much better leader than this last week has shown. And if you cannot achieve social/verbal/commentary restraint, then....YOU SHOULD GIVE OVER PUBLIC LEADERSHIP TO SOMEONE ELSE THERE. Your "mis-steps" verbally and tweet wise are NOT acceptable as our corporate image leader.

Joshan | 1 maj 2020

George, I know we are told to stay at home right now, but you still have to take your meds man.

M3phan | 1 maj 2020

Could this tweet have broken the new SEC rules he was under to not tweet anything that can affect stock price without prior approvals?

guydude | 1 maj 2020

What about the SEC agreement? Hmm

M3phan | 1 maj 2020

Just watched the video SamO linked to, and the guy briefly hits the main points of the SEC agreement, and believes musk may be off the hook.

howard | 1 maj 2020

Unfortunately it moved the price right after his comments. Silly frustrations that need to be measured but I can’t imagine the pressure at his level. Rooting he is not in trouble again.

Wilber | 1 maj 2020

SamO - thanks for posting that video. Seems well done. Looks like he may not get in trouble for this 'too high' comment unless the board has put some restrictions on him that we dont know about. After watching that one, youtube showed another video that covers more tweets, etc over the years, including later this morning. This guy makes lots of good points. George w SacEV - good to see ya! havent seen you post much lately. maybe you spend most your time on the MS forum? but, i have always thought your comments/posts were thoughtful and relevant. and your comment above continues that good tradition.

Orthopod | 1 maj 2020

Tesla stock price is too high imo

If anyone would have posted that here on these forums, the anti-trolls fanatics fanbois would horde to throw rocks and get on with the lapidation.

Now their great master backstabbed them and they feel like they have been raped in the middle of the day saying it out loud on Twitter

Lonestar10_1999 | 1 maj 2020

I always thought the stock price was to a large extent the result of manipulation by bad actors and not representative of the intrinsic value of the company or it’s potential. My investment in Tesla is limited to my purchasing the SR+. Buying TSLA stock seems like pure gambling to me and I am too much of a sore loser to participate.

james_g_mitchell | 1 maj 2020

George with SacEV, I agree with you. Elon creates difficulties for his customers, fans, and shareholders when he tweets stuff like this or makes the political comments he did during the Q1 results event. I think Elon is one great entrepreneur, a great engineer & scientist, but not such a good politician, and the CEO of a company as high profile as Tesla always has to watch what he says or tweets publicly.

FISHEV | 1 maj 2020

George with SacEV | May 1, 2020 "You [Musk] MUST be more nuanced and more diplomatic in HOW YOU express your concerns."

Just as well he is not so we can see his true character, same with Trump.

howard | 1 maj 2020

Tough to argue with their overall results.

WW_spb | 1 maj 2020

Fake doc it's overpriced right now bc Tesla factory shut.

WantMY | 1 maj 2020

Let me know what he smoked today, must be great stuff, :o:

gmr6415 | 1 maj 2020

@Lonestar10_1999, a roughly $2100 purchase of Tesla stock about a week after it went IPO paid for my M3 in August of 2018 when it hit just under $380 per share. Sometimes a small investment is worth the gamble.

bruryan | 1 maj 2020

I imagine Musk is frustrated that his company is going to show poor results for the next quarter. Maybe more upset because his baby is being withheld from him.
From my corner of the world I'd agree with his take on the back to work issue.

ronjolley | 1 maj 2020

I remember 2013. I had just bought my first Tesla shares. And he knocked them down. But I forgive him. I've bought all my shares at $200 or less. I had 500 at one time. I'm buying a Y with my profits - that and a 2014 P85 S as a trade-in.

ronjolley | 1 maj 2020

He's going to get in trouble with the S.E.C. again. I had asked him to say something negative. I just bought some more. Wow - he knocked it down over $70 a share.

ronjolley | 1 maj 2020

sorry - over $80 per share

George with SacEV | 1 maj 2020

Just when several major analysts had projected Tesla stock to hit as high as $1500 to even $4000 and be THE PLAYER in vehicle space in 5 years. And even Elon had been touting the major impact of the upcoming "Battery Day" later this month. Who is HE to say "the stock price is too high?" Stock Price is significantly an act of FAITH in the company and its leadership when there is now dividend as a regular reward. EVERYONE "INVESTS" in Tesla on the FAITH that they are going to do BIG AND REVOLUTIONARY things in transportation. So once again, as important as Elon is, he is a physicist, and engineer, and a great staff leader, but he is NOT AN ECONOMIST at least last time I checked, nor is he by ANY MEANS a....Psychologist (which i would note that actually am), so where is he coming from saying others are "overvaluing Tesla Stock?" He was in some kind of funk, and he has had TWO thoughtless episodes this week. And I am giving him the benefit of the doubt in terms of more serious analysis.

edhchoe | 1 maj 2020

$20K by end of 2021.

George with SacEV | 1 maj 2020

NO Dividend...

Bighorn | 1 maj 2020

After 7 years of hodling, this Twitter business is of zero consequence. CTFO.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 maj 2020

It started back in March when he started hitching his wagon to HCQ.

Ross1 | 1 maj 2020

As part of his war with Shorts, several things are going on:

The new Board member is anti-Shorts, discussions at the board level must be about shorting, Elon may have gone to war again himself , the effect was a 10% crash which damages the Shorts.

All his other kids were artificial. Twins and triplets, all boys.

Grimes is mad at him. Probably worse because of the due birth.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 maj 2020

"...which damages the shorts"


Would you call a 5-15 720 put @29.18 bought in the morning and sold @58.85 in the afternoon damage?

WW_spb | 1 maj 2020

B o a. P a as h at

Wilber | 1 maj 2020

I suspect Elon is feeling the strain of the shelter in place at home with Grimes. At least many of my neighbors are grumpy these days and not necessarily making the most wise decisions or statements. The shelter in place rules will be eased somewhat in some counties in CA next week. Hopefully that includes wherever Elon and Grimes are living these days!

WW_spb | 1 maj 2020

I watched tick tock and now I know we doomed

Tesla2018 | 1 maj 2020

I think Elon is too high.

adoh2010 | 1 maj 2020

Joshan | May 1, 2020
IMO it was more about proving the people wrong who said he only wants to open up GF so that he can make his bonus/ Trying to show the factory opening is not tied to stock price (which his bonus is tied to)

Thata the most reasonable reason I've heard about this issue. Now it all makes sense to me.

Elon is a nice guy and doesn't like being labeled a greedy billionaire for criticizing the shutdown. He impulsively tweeted that to prove that he doesn't care about the money.

I agree with him on both the ineffectiveness of the shutdown and TSLA being overbought. I completely disagree with his impulsive tweeting behavior however. He has a responsibility as a CEO to be professional and he ignores it a lot.

Ross1 | 2 maj 2020

If Elon is at home for a while, that would be a first!

Perhaps Grimes wants help around the house.
Elon? really? that might be a first too.

Takes me back... I figured my responsibility was to keep the wolf from the door : productivity and more productivity.
The mortgage survived but 44 years later, it is still an issue.
I shoulda been up half the night with The Kid.

And marriage? Maybe she wants him to marry her.

Ross1 | 2 maj 2020

Anyway, stockl probably is too high.

And so is Elon probably.

Is 840 twice as high as 420?

PagemakersS75P3 | 2 maj 2020

He’s a bloody idiot and a liability at times.

shank15217 | 2 maj 2020

GF opens on Monday, Fremont remains closed.

Sarah R | 2 maj 2020

Proof to the world that Elon needs a hobby. Maybe building cars or rockets or something.

Orthopod | 2 maj 2020

A useless hobby maybe

It would be less damaging if he posted that on these forums

num1zoomy | 2 maj 2020

Billions lost in a matter of hours. I smell another stockholder lawsuit.

Tesla2018 | 2 maj 2020

Is the SEC closed due to pandemic. Surprised they haven't commented on this yet. Wasn't he told not to make any statements regarding the stock by them.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2 maj 2020

There is no need to be upset. People shouldn’t play the stock market if they can’t afford to lose their investment. This rule applies to a friendly game of poker with your pals, bingo at church, roulette at a casino, and illegal gambling with your bookie.

Folks on this forum are above average intelligence and wouldn’t put themselves in financial jeopardy based on the performance of a single stock. Would they?

andy.connor.e | 2 maj 2020

the whole concept of the SEC is stupid. they sue Elon for tweets because it fluctuated the stock price, but news media can flat out lie for years and no one cares. apparently short sellers are allowed to generate a petition about unintended acceleration that had been disproven in its entirety, but thats totally ok.

yudansha™ | 2 maj 2020

EM should apply for accreditation and become a journalist. Then he can say whatever he wants without consequences. lol

andy.connor.e | 2 maj 2020

if it actually works, might as well