Latest Software Update (2020.16.2.1)

Latest Software Update (2020.16.2.1)

I own a December 2016 AP 2.0 Model X. I am currently running software version 2020.11.5. I was alerted today that 2020.16.2.1 is downloaded and ready to install. I generally like to come to these forums to get some idea of how the latest sw upgrades are going before installing something new. In most cases I can find a thread on the recent releases but today, after looking through several pages in the X, S and general forums I don't see anything so I am creating this one now and I invite anyone with the week 16 release to share their experience. Maybe we could use this thread as a persistent place to share experiences with the latest release? If this already exists somewhere and I just didn't dig deep enough, I apologize and would appreciate knowing where that is. Thanks in advance.

MhoPower | 18 maj 2020

OK. After creating this thread I found one on this release in the Model 3 forum. Maybe we need a consistent thread in the general forum for this so one doesn't have to check 4 forums to get info on releases that affect almost all Tesla owners? (I'm off to read the 16.2 tread in the M3 group now).

ezrondavid95 | 20 maj 2020

I am a very big fan of Tesla Car. The tesla products are really amazing and there are some models I usually prefer in Tesla. I read about the latest software update and so much eager to see e it implemented in the car.

pb | 23 maj 2020

Have just updated to 2020.16.2.1 on Dec2017 MX 75D and now my USB / Samsung 500GB SSD is no longer recognized have lost ability to stream own music; again! This was lost on an update before last then reinstated at the last one. Had to revert to 4gb USB which is recognized after initiating new FORMAT process. 1 step forward and 2 steps back is not encouraging progress! | 24 maj 2020

@pb - Did you try a reboot? There was an update that broke USB music, but that was fixed a few weeks later. I've not had any problems since, including 16.2.1. You confirmed it is working with a USB flash drive, so it may point to a problem with the SSD. Are you using a hub? That has caused many people problems. Also, remember the SSD is rated for consumer/home use and has a very limited operating temperature range. Now it does work for many owners, but it's not rated for anything close to what a car encounters in the cold and heat. Only SD disks (with a USB adapter) are rated for typical vehicle temperatures.