USB power after 2020.16.2.1 update

USB power after 2020.16.2.1 update

Before 2020.16.2.1, I believe, power to the USB in the front was turned off a few minutes after the console went dark.
I noticed that after this release, the USBs remain powered even after the car is parked for hours with no one inside.
I use an SD card reader that has an LED and the LED remains on all the time. Sentry is off.

If you have installed this version, can you confirm this behavior?

hln98 | 21 maj 2020

My 500GB Samsung T5 SSD FAT32 formatted used for Sentry mode is no longer recognized by firmware 2020.16.2.1 update. The new menu to format is grey out also. What do I do now? As far as USB power remain on, I can confirm that it is on now too.

Anthony J. Parisio | 21 maj 2020

Have you guys done a deep reboot with nothing in the USB ports? I have never trusted a reboot while a device is in a USB port. Most computers have some difficulty rebooting with a USB device plugged into the port. Remember a deep reboot requires you press the brake and scroll wheels until the T reappears on the screen.

EVRider | 21 maj 2020

@Anthony: USBs don’t cause problems for either computers or your Tesla unless the USB itself is bootable. It wouldn’t be unless you formatted it that way. I’ve never had a problem rebooting my cars with both music and dashcam USB drives inserted.

I thought the change to keep the USB power on happened quite a while ago, possibly to support Sentry Mode, but I’m not sure.

barrykmd | 21 maj 2020

I recently removed my USB drive and now only plug it in when I want to listen to music on it (usually only when in internet dead zones which is not very often).

I read somewhere (TMC?) that every time you start the car, it re-indexes all the files on the USB drive and that eats into eMMC life. So fool me once, shame on me... | 21 maj 2020

@barrykmd - Yes, every time you plug in your USB, it will re-index the music. If you leave it plugged in, it only re-indexes when you reboot - so far less often than plugging it in and out every time. Also indexing uses dramatically less memory nowadays, since they got rid of storing every album cover in flash memory with V10. Now covers are only loaded when you select a song and that's likely done in RAM.

barrykmd | 21 maj 2020

TT - good to know. Thanks.

rxlawdude | 21 maj 2020

As far as I know with our 2015 S 70D, USB has always been hot. Evidence is an LED staying lit on the flash drive.

cloudphytr | 22 maj 2020

While we're discussing the USB, should you remove the teslacam usb drive before doing a software update? ie., can the updating process damage the drive? | 22 maj 2020

No, the updating will not harm the drive. There are rare cases where people have a bootable drive and/or a bootable virus on the USB drive that can stop the Tesla boot process if left in during a reboot. This is rare, but a few have run into this. The cases with a boot virus will not infect your car, as they are designed to infect Windows/Mac systems.

dougk71 | 22 maj 2020

I took the download and installed it with a 128 gb usb drive plugged in. The usb wasn't recognized on boot up it just froze in loading. A two scroll wheel plus brake pressed reboot with the usb unplugged allowed the drive to be loaded after the hard reboot.
The software looks the same as its precursor so it probably is a bug fix update. | 22 maj 2020

Interesting. My upgrade to 2020.16.2.1 modifies the Tesla Toybox, Nearby Charging Sites, and provides Backgammon Improvements. Plus whatever hidden bugs repairs are included.

barrykmd | 22 maj 2020

Ooh, backgammon improvements. Such a great use of resources!

Tldickerson | 23 maj 2020


galmeida | 26 maj 2020

I received 2020.16.2.1 software update. After pressing the update button on the app, it does nothing. When I tried to do the same in the car, it shows a message saying starting update, but it does nothing.
After a while I rebooted the car, but the problem persists.
This is the first time I experience this strange behavior.

mcmack15 | 27 maj 2020

I just took my morning meds and maybe they haven't kicked in yet and I am misunderstanding something--------are you saying that with this update the USB always remains on? And if so, would this help explain why the mileage range on my 2017 S loses about 8-10 miles every 24 hours or so when parked. Thanks.

mcmack15 | 27 maj 2020

Follow-up------sentry is off and that USB hasn't been plugged in for months now.

EVRider | 27 maj 2020

@mcmack15: The USB stayed on even before the update, and has nothing to do with your power drain. Check all your settings and see if you have anything enabled that causes the car to use energy when idle. If you’re using third party apps, make sure they’re configured to let your car sleep.

mcmack15 | 27 maj 2020

Thanks EV.

I just picked up the car at the SC (it was there because it was leaking fluid---coolant per the idiot light message). I asked them to check on the drainage and they said nothing showed up when they ran their tests, and they further stated that losing 10 miles a day was fine, and about average. I explained that up until a few months ago I was only losing 1-3 miles in a 24 hour period. They said that was unusual. I am not convinced, but I will watch it to see if it gets worse. I can easily live with the 10 mile loss as I can charge every night at home.

On another note. Kudos to those folks working at the SC during these trying times. Things may not be perfect from a service standpoint, but all things considered, I was very happy with their service.

EVRider | 27 maj 2020

Losing 1-3 miles per day is normal for me.