I like the new account page update

I like the new account page update

More streamlined to find info. Also shows Upgrades, current configs and glovebox info.
Cybertruck is shown but until production no configs as yet.

TranzNDance | 22 maj 2020

I'm annoyed that there's an ad for Tesla Solar which takes up the whole page on mobile.

Are you seeing a different version?

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 22 maj 2020

My mobile page hasn’t changed since they added a t-shirt to it.

geedub1023 | 23 maj 2020


On that page that shows the t-shirt, click on "Manage". You should then go to a page that has changed as the OP alludes to. Now there are different areas to further explore...."Car Access", "Video Guides", "Glovebox" and "Sold Your Car To Third Party?" Some of the same info, just reorganized into these main categories. I like it.

M3phan | 23 maj 2020

Yep, a pretty neat layout now with those categories. I like it too.