Car rental in the Bay area

Car rental in the Bay area

My wife and I are planning a trip to the Bay area in May. Not looking forward to renting an ICE. Does anyone know of a rental agancy that offers a Model S? From SFO or near by would be nice.

procrastin8r | 14 februari 2016

I heard that Enterprise has an exotic car collection, including Model S. Availability likely varies from city to city, so try contacting them about SF and SJC. Also, many rental agencies (Hertz, National) offer hybrids (e.g., Fusion).

trixiew | 14 februari 2016

I JUST days ago rented a car at Enterprise SFO and they didn't have any Tesla's. There are a couple listed on for SF, one for only $200/day. Hertz advertises that they have them, close to $500/day. Just reserve well in advance so they can have one there when you arrive.

ray | 14 februari 2016

What used to be called 'Relay Rides' - can't remember what they are called now have several Tesla.

mathwhiz | 14 februari 2016

Hertz Dream Cars used to rent Model S, but not anymore.

Tanchico | 14 februari 2016

Thanks all. Just checked Relay Rides. Yes, they do have Tesla available, one Roadster and a handful of MS.

Tanchico | 14 februari 2016

By the way, Relay Rides is now "Turo"

OntlyArnold75457547 | 14 oktober 2019

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