How will moving effect my delivery timeframe?

How will moving effect my delivery timeframe?

For Model 3 delivery times...

I currently live on the east coast but plan on moving to the west coast within the next 12 months. With the west coast getting earlier delivery dates will I be stuck with my delivery date or will I get bumped up a tiny bit? Is there a way to update my address when I move?

"When production begins, we will begin deliveries in North America starting on the West Coast, moving east."

danCE | 22 mars 2016

You can certainly update your online address in your Tesla account at any time. As far the regional grouping, we have no idea if the "buckets" are static (you are placed in a bucket when you reserve) or dynamic (your bucket is calculated when the design studio opens for orders.)

As a software developer, I'd use dynamic buckets but I certainly can't speak for Tesla's programmers.

cloudohana | 26 mars 2016

I've got the same question. Moving this summer 2016 (know where to) & scheduled to move again summer 2018 but won't have any clue to where until 3-6 months prior. Could be worldwide. Hoping it will be somewhere a Tesla is still feasible (i.e. supercharger network) & can be delivered to. Putting in an official plug for superchargers near military bases. We often have to rent or live in base housing, so installing special chargers (if even allowed to) in a new house every 2 yrs would get very expensive.

dd.micsol | 27 mars 2016

You might want to directly contact a salesman in your area after you move. The address you originally use will probably put your reservation number on the east cost queue regardless if you move-meaning the computer just won't care-it will deliver it as an East cost delivery date based on order number.