Model 3 production to be 1 every 55 seconds

Model 3 production to be 1 every 55 seconds

Do the math.
6 days a week by 24 hours a day producing 500 000 a year.

Not impossible. On an unofficial factory tour of Toyota in Aus (now closing down), just-in-time parts were required every 90 seconds.
But I assume Tesla will work 24 hour shifts.

PeterPlt | 25 mars 2016

Or, multiple plants... NA, EU, Asia (China?, India?), etc. Then, the production rate is much less ludicrous.

Red Sage ca us | 25 mars 2016

Tesla Motors expects to reach that rate at Fremont alone... Though, yes, they will have other assembly plants by 2020 if all goes well.

Chunky Jr. | 25 mars 2016

The Fremont plant was cranking out 500K cars a year many years ago, and the technology has improved significantly since then, so it should be possible for Tesla to match that.

Hi_Tech | 25 mars 2016

Even with multiple plants, the fact still remains that Tesla would have to produce 500k cars/yr in 2020. Think of their goal of couple of million a year by 2025! Lots of growth still to come... only if things go very well though.

carlk | 25 mars 2016

It sure will have many parallel production lines in the plant when that number is reached. Still a huge task of course.

dd.micsol | 25 mars 2016

My question is can they make a battery pack in 55 seconds? I highly doubt it.

Ross1 | 25 mars 2016

Why not?
100 ish production lies at Gigafactory would give them 20 minutes per pack for example

Ross1 | 25 mars 2016

No, an hour and a half

jordanrichard | 25 mars 2016

I just saw a documentary on the Mini plant in the UK and they produce crank out 1,000 cars a day!!!!! | 25 mars 2016

Challenging but not daunting.

Red Sage ca us | 26 mars 2016

In September 2013 JB Straubel showed some charts that indicated they intended to increase Capacity at Fremont to perhaps 700,000 units by 2019. I expect that actual Production will be below the Capacity of the Facility for a while. And Deliveries will be less than Production per year as well. Remember, the 500,000 unit amount is for Model ≡ at Fremont alone during 2020. Do not be surprised if either a second Gigafactory comes online, or Panasonic's Chinese operations begin to output next generation battery cells at some point before that.

solard532 | 26 mars 2016

Soooo realistically... when do I get to drive my Model 3??? And when will the Gigafactory be partially online, and what's the expected production starting off?

AlMc | 27 mars 2016
PhillyGal | 27 mars 2016

@solard - My wild guess:
If you order 3/31 in store and are on the west coast as a first time owner - March through June 2018. If you are on the east coast or outside of the states, wait until you can order on line and a first time owner - late 2018 at best.

vperl | 27 mars 2016

Silly folks thinking the 3 will be faster at delivery...

jordanrichard | 27 mars 2016

vperl, while I know where you skepticism comes from, considering the rollout/ramp up of the MS and MX, but the Model ≡ is being designed for ease of manufacture which means faster.

We all know the hold up with the X was the FWDs and supplier issues for the seats and door actuators.