Do I really have a reservation??????

Do I really have a reservation??????

On the way to a work seminar I stopped by the Palm Desert store in Ca. Walked right in at 3:00 pm. Gave them my info and a credit card swipe and was out of there in less than 5 minutes.

It is now 5:50pm. I have not received an email confirming, nor anything on MyTesla page and my credit card has not been charged. I thought that would have been done instantaneously.

Yikes. Do I reserve another on line? Or is Tesla way behind?

Mireille and Conan | 31 mars 2016

We were told it could take 24 hr to receive the email.

Bonlaw | 31 mars 2016

Ok then. They have 21 hours. :-)

JeffreyR | 31 mars 2016

Check your credit card. Mine took 2 hours to change. Still no reservation email though.

bernard.holbrook | 31 mars 2016

Same here. Process was under 5 minutes but no paper receipt was given. I did my reservation at the Montreal (Canada) store at 16:25L. As of 21:18L, I still do not have a confirmation email. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed at not having any record that that transaction was logged by Tesla.

I too was told that the email could take a day.

ssarker | 31 mars 2016

I felt the same way! Credit card charged, though.

jbunn | 31 mars 2016

If the 24 hour wait for confirmation stings, the 18 month delivery wait is gonna really hurt.

FrunkMsterFleX70D | 31 mars 2016

I was also told they would send out the email within a 24 hour period because of the amount of reservations within a short period of time. I'm sure if you reserve next week the email will come cc was charged so I can wait

Ross1 | 31 mars 2016

Keep on placing your order repeatedly until you get recognition.
You may then even get picked up by CNN.

TSLA shareholder

dsvick | 31 mars 2016

I'm slightly worried, I've got no email, nothing on my MyTesla page, and my cc hasn't been charged, it's been almost 12 hours now ....

I'll keep checking and panic in the morning if there is still nothing.

Ross1 | 31 mars 2016

Did you get a SOLD OUT tag too?

bernard.holbrook | 31 mars 2016

I think jbunn has miss the point about our concern...

The issue is that a whole bunch of people cared enough about getting an earlier delivery that we lost a half day of work to go and register in a store and most of us have no paper trail. It would have been nice to have a credit card receipt at least so that we know that we had a reservation.

weluvm3 | 31 mars 2016

I have a pending charge on my credit card from Tesla. But no e-mail and nothing on the mytelsa page. The sales person entered the information: how do I know she didn't make a typo someplace or some other issue invalidated my reservation. I 100% agree that we should have been given some physical acknowledgement that we attempted to reserve an M3 in good faith.

weluvm3 | 31 mars 2016

I have a pending charge on my credit card from Tesla. But no e-mail and nothing on the mytelsa page. The sales person entered the information: how do I know she didn't make a typo someplace or some other issue invalidated my reservation. I 100% agree that we should have been given some physical acknowledgement that we attempted to reserve an M3 in good faith.

Shesmyne2 | 31 mars 2016

It's gonna be okay folks.
They were a little busy today.
You'll find out 'soon'

Still Grinning ;-)

Bonlaw | 31 mars 2016

Update --- As a precaution, because my cc still has not been charged, my husband went online at 7:30 and his cc posted 20 minutes later?!?!?

On another note, is the static model 3 emblem all that we have for streaming of unveiling, or am I missing that too?

Captain_Zap | 31 mars 2016

I am watching Tesla commercials.

jbunn | 31 mars 2016

Hi Benard,

I didn't miss the point. I was in line as well, hours before the store opened, with 5 reservations to make. I also waited with a deposit down for 2 years or so for the S.

I'm just saying waiting for your car is a hard thing from someone thats been there.

xl3wulf | 31 mars 2016

Now I am really confused. I reserved the model 3 online like others, I see the charge on my credit Card Statement but when I go to "My Tesla" its says "Model S RN......" What's with the Model S?

compchat | 31 mars 2016

Some years ago I recall similar problems with updating and processing orders on the Tesla Website. Obviously still issues. I too stood in line for several hours to get an early reservation. Still no email but my credit card charge says "pending".

I asked the lady who helped me (I was asked to type in my own information) about a receipt. She said I would receive an email. I haven't as of yet, some 12 hours later. However I imagine it is difficult to process over 100,000 orders so we need to cut Tesla a little slack.

jennchen67 | 1 april 2016

I placed my order online tonight, kept giving me an error message, and then when it finally went through it was just a simple small confirmation box that said something to the extent of "Thank you, your reservation has been confirmed" or something like that. I understand that it may take up to 24 hours for my My Tesla page to update and for me to receive a confirmation email, but I still don't see a credit card charge, and I called my bank and they said there's not even a pending authorization. I don't want to submit another form because I don't want to be charged twice. I too am getting a little worried.

kim | 1 april 2016

Nothing on my CC (even pending) but charge does appear on Apple's wallet. No email as yet (6 hours)

hsadler | 1 april 2016

Ahhhh..... It's fun watching newbies discover the idiosyncrasies of 'Elon time'.

stevenphannah | 1 april 2016

So Elon is on female time? ; )

stevenphannah | 1 april 2016

So Elon is on female time? ; )

Mick | 2 april 2016

Hi. I ordered online and got the thank you page but it has been 28 hours now and no email or pending transaction on my card. ????

Mick | 2 april 2016

I did not have a Tesla account with the email I used for the reservation at the time of reserving. I only created account with that email an hour ago. Do you have to make reservation with an email of an existing Tesla account?

vmkazoo | 2 april 2016

I stood in line for 3 hours to get on the list, my CC is charged but no email and no info in My Tesla account so I called the store and they said that due to long lines they are trying to catch up and to call back on Monday if the email does not show up. He also said that the time stamp on when they charged the CC is important. They will sort out any issues (such as incorrect spelling on email address) next week if you call (and have not received an email by then)

pinchin.h | 2 april 2016

Made a "reservation" online on Thursday night, it's now Saturday, still no email confirmation or any pending charge on my CC. Wondering if it really went through...

genedr @ny-us | 2 april 2016

talk about the need for instant gratification.
With >200,000 reservations on Day 1, are you surprised it took a little longer than "expected"
My order on 3/31 was confirmed by email with a posting on MyTesla in 30 hours.
What's the problem?

theyams | 2 april 2016

I made my reservation online around 11pm on the 31st after several failed attempts (kept telling me to try another method of payment?) and finally got a "confirmed" message on the website. But as of now (4/2, 4:30pm) still have neither a confirmation e-mail or credit charge. I created a MyTesla account after I made the reservation, which doesn't say anything about a reservation, so I'm wondering if I really have one or not?

pinchin.h | 2 april 2016

@theyams we're in the same boat

davide | 2 april 2016

I made my in store reservation about 10:15 am est Thursday morning (waited 5 hours in line about 4 degrees C in the rain). CC was charged about 1/2 hour later. Only received email confirmation tonight (Saturday 7pm est). Hope Tesla can keep who waited in line clear...

bchernicoff | 2 april 2016

I am in the same situation as @theyams. After several failed attempts mine finally went through around 11:20 PST on 3/31. No confirmation email nor charge on my card.

hjian321 | 2 april 2016

Same here as

mr.kevinhoang | 2 april 2016

No emails, no bank charge, just a simple Confirmed Message. 46 Hours later, email came through. Hope this helps.

geekdad.604 | 2 april 2016

Made my reservation just before the unveiling; no email yet but I got my reservation number on MyTesla page.

theyams | 2 april 2016

Took 48 hours, but I finally got my reservation confirmation!

pinchin.h | 2 april 2016

Just got a confirmation email too, and I see a Model 3 RN number in My Tesla, but still no charge on my CC.

hjian321 | 2 april 2016

I got mine just now after 48 hours: cc charged, email confirmation and RN at my tesla at the same time.

Boyoungk | 3 april 2016

With only ~200k reservations, processing time is way too slow. Tesla needs more software engineers to make their system move faster.

wellnext | 3 april 2016

I did my reservation on the 31 of March at about 8PM Hawaiian time, when TeslaMotors website registered about 133,000 reservation. I got my confirmation 22 hours later when their count was approximately 180,000. It would be great to get an idea where we stand in line between those two numbers....

jim.c | 6 april 2016

I made my Model 3 reservation about 3 hours after unveiling, online. Now April 6 and nothing on my American Express card. Nothing on myTesla.