wanted: Tesla motorcycle

wanted: Tesla motorcycle

I want to see the big T on a motor cycle! (And please, not another crotch rocket! everyone dabbling in EV bikes makes one.) There are "assist" systems for mountain bikes, with the motor in the hub. With a system like that it would be easy to have 2wd! (Trials bikes do this with a gear driven cable) I want to see something like a Harly Softatil. It could have 3 power settings like the S-P90D, economy, normal cruise, and HELL YEA!. In economy it could be gentle enough your grandma could handle it, and in normal cruise hold it's own against anything in it's class. In HELL YEA! even a well seasoned rider has to hold on tight!
The way I see it, the soft wear is mostly there, just a few tweaks to go from 4 to 2 wheels. The proof of concept for the parts are there as well.

Ross1 | 7 april 2016

Would you like spelling lessons with that?

brando | 13 april 2016

Build it your self. You'll have a blast building and riding. Get some people to help you. Many students would enjoy working on such a project. Document well and you might sell plans for your bike.