Option wishlist (Not about battery capacity)

Option wishlist (Not about battery capacity)


I am really hoping Tesla would read this. This may give them a good idea what their customers want. And I also wish tesla forum had a search button so that I can search whether this is a duplicate post...

But anyways my wishlist is just two things (assuming Model S features like "summon" "autopilot" are included...)
Head up display
Ventilated seats

As there is a whole thread about HUD, I dont have much to say here... But I really wish it would show more than speed info.

Ventilated seat is another important option that I find "must-have" here in California... I also think having a ventilated seat can help the car to save more energy by lessening the need of AC compressor. Hot seat wont be cooled off with AC easily
since you seat on it and hot seat gives 70%+ heat sensation. With glass roof, it will only get worse in my opinion..

What do you guys think? Sharing your idea here may get Tesla's attention...hopefully.

jamilworm | 7 april 2016

I'd like to see more creative color options. One solid color is kinda boring. Something like this:
i.imgur. com/9K0a7gK.png
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Or a two-tone gray/silver could be cool too.

dd.micsol | 7 april 2016

I want 3 basic lines-
So Elon can pump these out crazy fast.
I'd like to see
Color-I'll take whatever but I would love British racing green.
If not-Sadly-I'll probably choose red and not signature red.
Other than that-don't really care much. Leather or cloth-don't really care.
Battery size, dual motor - that's all I need.

John Northey | 7 april 2016

What I'd love is the rear facing seats as an option like in the S. I have kids so I need LOTS of seating (use a mini-van right now and often have 6 of the 7 seats in use, sometimes could use an 8th seat or even a 9th).

As a Canadian I really, really, really want all-wheel drive and any winter based options possible. Also more range as I'm in the middle of nowhere (Thunder Bay) and it is a long drive to the nearest supercharger (Duluth, MN) - 189 miles so it would push the limits listed for the battery. And in Canada I'd never get far as there are no superchargers for 631 miles and none planned anytime soon.

yongliangzhu68 | 7 april 2016

@John Northey: Are you being sarcastic or really unaware of the size of the car? You could probably fit a baby or two lying down. It looks to be well 10 cu ft.