This is why Tesla is shaking up the ICE world

This is why Tesla is shaking up the ICE world

What I'm not hearing discussed much is locking in the $35k price, up to 2 years from now. What other car manufacturer is willing or able to do that? I think one huge advantage to the BEV is the shifting of technology from mechanical to digital where Moore's Law kicks in. I think we are seeing the results of that in Tesla making a huge commitment on holding the pricing, knowing that they will be able to maintain or even reduce manufacturing costs over time. Could you imagine if Audi released a prototype today that was every bit as competitive at a price that screams value-and hold that price for 18-24 months? Not bloody likely.

Red Sage ca us | 7 april 2016

Hmmm... Well, the price has actually been targeted, and pretty much locked in, since early 2013 or so.

Tropopause | 7 april 2016

Very good point!